North Carolina fires cop, citing his Christian behavior.

Billy Graham Rules.

Lee County Sheriff Tracy “Buford” Carter

The late Billy Graham was a global icon for most of his adult life.  He lived – and died – in North Carolina.  But, my, the times they are a changing.

A North Carolina police officer is suing for religious discrimination after he said he was fired for refusing to spend extended time with a woman who isn’t his wife, a practice commonly known as the “Billy Graham Rule.”

Manuel Torres, 51, worked as a deputy for the Lee County Sheriff for five years when his boss asked him to train a female deputy in July 2017. Torres requested a religious accommodation, the suit alleges, saying he “holds the strong and sincere religious belief that the Holy Bible prohibits him, as a married man, from being alone for extended periods with a female who is not his wife.”

Torres, a Baptist who serves as a deacon at his local church, said in the suit that training his colleague would leave the appearance of “sinful conduct.”  The complaint alleges after Torres made his accommodation request, the sergeant “alternately granted and denied” him and that his superiors expressed their “anger” over his religious beliefs.

According to Lee County Sheriff Tracy Carter, “We can’t have our officers being all hung up on ethics and morals and stuff like that.  We’re more of a jelly doughnut and curbside justice sort of place, if you catch my drift.

The deceased Reverend Graham rolling over in his grave registered a 6.9 on the Richter Scale.