Obama’s end game keeps money in your pocket.

Terrorists warn of mall attacks.

I understand – but cannot verify – that there are places in this country called, what’s the word, oh yeah malls.

There are portions of my repressed memory . . . but I can’t talk about it.  And it is my understanding that these malls are places where they try to sell obscene clothes at obscene prices.  It is – as I hear it – an attempt to make your young men look as effeminate as possible and your daughters look like whores.  Or even worse: Kardashians.

In any event, it seems that some members of the religion of peace are threatening to attack Americans in these already desecrated places.

Now, if I do nothing else, I’ll give credit where credit is due.  All this time, I have been deriding the anti-Christian, closet Muslim, unpatriotic Barack Obama for his coddling of terrorists and his refusing to even refer to them as such.

But it seems I was wrong.

By feeding an environment of fear, it has been Obama’s aim to save our children from the pressures of American depravity and to help middle class families keep more of their money.  It’s like a tax cut with no reduction in government services.  What could be better!