One Sailor’s tale: How Cocaine Saved My Life

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One man’s cocaine bale is another man’s personal flotation device.

Three suspected drug smugglers survived in shark-infested Pacific waters by clinging for hours to floating bales of cocaine, Colombia’s navy said Tuesday.

The three Colombians are suspected of smuggling 1.2 tons of cocaine from Tumaco in Colombia when their boat was hit by a wave Saturday and capsized, Captain Jorge Maldonado of Colombia’s Task Force Against Drug Trafficking told AFP.

By the time the men were picked up around 30 nautical miles from Tumaco by a Colombian coastguard vessel, they had been in the water for about seven hours, Maldonado said.

“The coastguard arrived and these three people were floating on a material that by its characteristics resembled drugs,” said Maldonado.  The men were taken ashore along with the floating bales, which tested positive for cocaine hydrochloride.

One of the rescued sailors observed, “With cocaine getting so much bad press over the years, it was important for us to point out the positive aspects as well.  That includes using it as a personal flotation device.”