Christians reject “Man after God’s own heart” as leader.

Citing murder, adultery & other personal failures.

David, a man who knew how to get a head.

“Adjutorium nostrum in nomine Domini” — King David / Painting of David with the Head of Goliath by Caravaggio circa 1610

Every one needs their “n word”

I’m a victim, you’re a victim, everyone wants to be a victim too.



Because nothing puts an end to an Italian stereotype like threatening to break someone’s legs and throw them down a flight of stairs.


Overcoming rich, white privilege isn’t easy.  To elevate yourself from privileged to victim is even tougher.  But not for rich, white CNN strongman Chris Cuomo.  Cuomo  erupted at a man in public who called him “Fredo,” in a wild moment caught on video that went viral Monday night.  The encounter between Cuomo and the man happened at a Shelter Island bar — that appears to be Sunset Beach — on Sunday. The video, surreptitiously filmed by the man Cuomo was shouting at, was uploaded to Twitter by a user who said he was sent the clip.

The CNN anchor was caught on video laying into an unidentified man who taunted him in public as “Fredo,” in a reference to Fredo Corleone, the ineffectual middle son of Don Vito Corleone in “The Godfather.”

Cuomo was approached by a chap ostensibly seeking a photo with the CNN star.  One witness says he was just asking for a photo and thought his name was Fredo from being an avid listener of @RushLimbaughEIB

But “****-*** b* from the right call me Fredo,” Cuomo told the man, who claimed he thought the CNN anchor was named Fredo. “My name is Chris Cuomo. I’m an anchor on CNN.  Fredo is from The Godfather.  They use it as an Italian aspersion. You Italian?” Cuomo continued. “It’s an insult to your ******* people. It’s like the N-word for us.”

They went back and forth, and at one point Cuomo said, “I’ll ******* ruin your ****. I’ll ******* throw you down these stairs like a ******* punk.”

In his fury, it evidently slipped Cuomo’s mind that he once referred to himself as Fredo in a 2010 radio interview with Curtis Sliwa.

According to social commentator, Ben Shapiro, “the important thing to remember is that you don’t have to actually be a victim, you just have to feel like one.  Sure, Cuomo is rich, famous, white, and well-connected – indeed he really is the personification of ‘White Privilege’.  But as long as he feels like a victim, he’s golden. Or at least olive.”

Cuomo is off air this week. CNN told the media due to his pre-planned attendance at a victim’s conference on the French Riviera.

25 California Reps busted using facial recognition software.

No one in a hurry to bond them out.

More than two dozen California state representatives were rounded up by local law enforcement yesterday.  While the group have long been known for pilfering the earnings of their constituency, making their districts a haven for illegal immigrants, and generally turning their neighborhoods into open septic tanks, none of this behavior led to the arrests.

Instead, the arrests were occasioned by a glitch in facial recognition software used by local police.  It seems that the state reps were flagged by the software that matched them to mug shots of wanted criminals.  Meanwhile the legislators languish in the local jail until the paperwork initiated by the snafu is cleared up.

Local sheriff, Buford Pusser, is having to foot the bill to house, feed, and clothe the wrongly arrested, but seems to be taking it all in stride. “Yeah, this puts us in a bit of a pinch, but the funny thing is these guys created all the regulations for the paperwork that we gotta do before we can let ’em out.  Those ACLU folks are making all the fuss, but it isn’t like we started this.

Barry Friedman, a privacy expert and professor of law at New York University. “You know, this just goes to show that you can never have too much regulation. I think it’s extremely important for states to be regulating the use of technology by police. It is the Wild, Wild West without a regulatory scheme. Regulation is what we need.

Sheriff Pusser has promised to work through the mess, “We’ll got these folks out directly.  None of the deputies or any of the locals are in too much of a hurry about it.

WNBA Fights for Ratings

Seeking pay parity with NBA.

Dorothy J. Gentry, who covers the Dallas Wings for The Athletic WNBA, told “All In” podcast recently that the only time she has seen mainstream media seize on the Wings was following Liz Cambage’s history-making 53-point performance in 2018. She said national broadcast media was neither in Dallas before Cambage’s historic moment nor following the single-day coverage after it. This underscores the trend that WNBA players must have extraordinary, if not extreme, on-court performances to draw the national media’s gaze.

But mainstream media entities seem more willing to show interest in the league when there’s a scandal.

Some fans, however, continue to be unstirred.  One male fan, who identified himself as a government economist, sounded a little disappointed. “Even when the ladies collide.  It’s still a Yawn City.  All of this is really a function of supply and demand.  There’s plenty of supply, but demand – not so much.  I appreciate that the players on the WNBA are fighting parity with the guys.  But, face it:  they still fight like girls.

Finally. An alternative to Soul Cycle.

Chrissy Teigen launches new endeavor!

Chrissy Teigen, the world’s most annoying woman, has announced she is cancelling her membership of two popular gyms in protest at the owner’s decision to hold a fund-raiser for President Trump.  Billionaire U.S. tycoon Stephen Ross, owner of the NFL’s Miami Dolphins, and whose many companies include Equinox and SoulCycle, is throwing a party today at his home in the Hamptons to raise money for Trump, a friend of more than 40 years.

But Mrs. John Legend is not having any of it.  According to the ever-articulate Ms. Teigen, “I don’t normally make posts like this, but a lot of my very cool socially aware, progressive, awesome, amazing friends are members of Equinox or SoulCycle. And I just want to let you know that their owner is hosting a giant Trump fund-raiser and so… F*** THEM. Cancel your memberships today. You can come to my house to work out but yeah, just think about it.  I’m naming this new venture SOUL-LESS CYCLE.  Isn’t that so trendy and awesome!

Teigen later clarified the ‘come to my house’ invite: “The only ‘dues’ are that you have to show up in a limosine that’s been paid for by your husband’s money.  I mean, it’s not like we want just anyone to show up.

An Immigration Solution

Starting next week, all citizens of other countries seeking entry into the United States will be required to submit to a new screening procedure.  The screening takes approximately 30 seconds and in field tests has shown to be highly effective in screening undesirables.

Any prospective immigrant who calls out “Allua Akbar” will be denied entry.

Brazil’s President Bolsonaro: Just a Regular Guy

Pope Francis chimes in.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro suggested Friday that people “poop every other day” as a way to save the environment, after he came under fire for a surge in deforestation of the Amazon since he came to power.  “It’s enough to eat a little less. You talk about environmental pollution. It’s enough to poop every other day. That will be better for the whole world,” said Bolsonaro

According to Bolsonaro’s plan, those with surnames ending in letters A – L will empty their bowels on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Those last names ending in letters M through Z will be allowed to defecate on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturday.  There will be no Brazilian BM’s on Sunday as outlined in the official decree.

Bolsonaro’s bowel control decree was met with approval by his fellow South American and Climate Change expert, Pope Francis.  Said the visible head of the Roman Catholic Church: “We are obliged to think of the world as operating on one global plan.  This is a good start.  Any Catholic in Brazil caught pooping on a day other than the one appointed will be suspended from the Eucharist.

When asked if the same Church discipline would be meted out to those living active homosexual life styles or actively participating and supporting abortion, the Pontiff was equally clear: “Who am I to judge?

Biden stumping for Trump in Iowa.

On a “Truth vs. Facts” tour

Shady Joe campaigns, for Trump.

Former Vice President and current Democratic hopeful for president, Joe Biden, has been tirelessly campaigning . . . it appears, for President Trump.

Falling on the ever-popular White Privilege sword, Biden noted with great enthusiasm that “Poor kids are just as bright as white kids,” the former President in charge of Vice added, “but only the poor white kids.”

Earlier in the week, Biden was working on behalf of the NRA to help bolster 2nd Amendment rights when he mentioned the recent shootings in Texas and Ohio, but referring to Ohio as “Michigan.”  When the error was pointed out, Biden eruditely commented, “Screw it.  What’s the difference. We got our butts kicked in both places.  Thank you so much, Hillary.”

Last week during the Democratic presidential debate, Biden flubbed the address where people could send donations to his campaign.  “If you agree with me, go to Joe 30330 and help me in this fight,” Biden said in his closing remarks on stage Wednesday night.  His campaign corrected his blunder the next day. “In case you missed last night’s debate, Joe meant to say ‘Text Joe to 30330’ but left a word out,” it said. “Oops.”

But in a nod to free enterprise, a 16 year old from Dayton, Ohio (also known as “Michigan”) quickly scooped up the domain and made six million dollars.

And earlier today, the former Veep was ending his speech by praising the American spirit:

“There is nothing we’ve ever decided to do we’ve been unable to do. Period. That’s not hyperbole. We have never, never, never failed when we’re together. And ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to get up. Everybody knows who Donald Trump is. Even his supporters know who he is. We got to let him know who we are. We choose unity over division. We choose science over fiction.  We choose truth over facts.”

Insiders at the Biden campaign who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said the Biden was hedging his bets: “If he can’t be president, he’s hoping Trump will give him another shot as Vice President.

Privilege, racism, toxic masculinity blamed on unprovoked attack on African.

Animal Rights Activists enraged, confused.

This is the heart-stopping moment a group of tourists on safari following a male lion witness it attack an antelope in the middle of the road.  The safari group had been following the lion for 3 kilometers when the unexpected confrontation happened at the Kruger National Park, northeastern South Africa.

Once it spots its prey the lion breaks into a confident jog before the two beasts tussle in the road in front of their spectators. The lion manages to pull the powerful male antelope to the ground, just off the road, where it lays struggling and kicking for a few moments before it dies.

PETA condemned the unprovoked attack, blaming U.S. President Trump for inciting a climate of hatred, racism, and bigotry.  The group also launched a Go Fund Me page designed to promote the benefits of a vegan diet to the lion population.

Birth rate in England and Wales hits 80-YEAR low. Dentists facing massive unemployment.

Global warming to blame.

Birth rates have hit a historic low amid falling fertility rates, an ageing population and increasing numbers of women leaving it until later in life to have children.

There were just over 11 babies born for every 1,000 people in England and Wales last year – the lowest level since birth rates were first recorded 80 years ago.  In total 657,076 children were born – down 3.2 per cent on a year earlier and nearly ten per cent on 2012.

The Office for National Statistics said falling fertility rates were mainly responsible for the fall, but said difficulties conceiving among couples who choose to delay having families was also a major factor.

TThe news of record low birth rates comes in a week in which Prince Harry announced he and Meghan plan to have no more than two children in order to ease over-population and ‘leave something better behind for the next generation’he news of record low birth rates comes in a week in which Prince Harry announced he and Meghan plan to have no more than two children in order to ease over-population and ‘leave something better behind for the next generation’


It said ‘women are progressively delaying childbearing to older ages’ and are now most likely to have children in their 30s.  This is because women are more likely to go to university and delay marriage while they pursue their careers.  The breakdown of birth rates in 2018 showed that the greatest decline was among married women.

According to one social scientist that was interviewed, this trend marks not only an aging population, but one that is not even replacing itself.  “The only demographic that is growing in numbers is among the Muslim population.  But then anyone with four wives can have a lot of children.