From the Church of the Sacred Mask


Bishop Tony Fauci, Supreme Prelate of the Church of the Sacred Mask has been unmasked, as it were, as a murderous thug.  Bp. Fauci co-authored a medical report that masks were a leading cause of death in the 1918 epidemic.  Seems now, he knew all along: Masks are bad.


It’s like, maybe, he’s trying to kill someone!

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Bergoglio’s “how-far-can-I-step-in-it-this-time” moment.

Setting new records.

Turns out this latest wicked rumination came from an interview a year or so ago.’ve had a few conversations with folks in light of Bergoglio’s latest “how bad can I step in it this time moment” yesterday.  As a result, I wrote the following.  Hope it’s helpful. (It was to a protestant friend).

Good to hear from you.  Thanks for asking “how to think through” this latest insanity from Jorge Bergoglio (

There are at least three “tracks” that are (mostly) mutually exclusive explanations for this latest pronouncement.

But first, context.  There is no “good” spin on what he said. It’s one of his “off the cuff” conversations that he ought not be having.  It betrays – at best – a poorly informed worldview, but it’s not a pronouncement.  (And I think I’m being way too charitable!)

It is not the position of the Church; it does not change the teachings of the Church, which by definition cannot change.  We call change agents (wait for it) protestants.

Having said that, I have to ask you a question: Why do you care?   Seriously, what’s it to you.  Andy Stanley [fill in your own favorite heretic] teaches all kinds of novel stuff; nobody says boo.  They either keep going there (for now) or they leave or they start their own “fellowship” or hook their wagon to someone else who is starting the own “fellowship.” It’s the (failed) Great Protestant Experiment a/k/a The Ever-Shrinking papacy.

You have a protestant world view.  By definition, you reject the authority of the Catholic Church.  It might get you out of apparent tight spots like dealing with this nonsense; but, it comes at a high price, like no valid Sacraments.  To you, the papacy is a nothing: good popes, bad popes, whatever.  As a result of your presuppositions, you look at this like a protestant.  Maybe you’re asking yourself, “wonder what Hirsh is going to do now.”

My faith, informed by reason, doesn’t “jump ship” when a priest/bishop/pope is wrong/stupid/evil.  That’s a protestant thing.  I reference your presupposition/worldview.  Well, mine is that this IS the Church that Christ founded.  In the words of Peter, whose faith informed by reason was challenged said, “Where else can I go? You have the words of eternal life.”

The world, probably particularly the US, has a protestant worldview.  Even (especially) Catholics.  They want to bail.  Sure, Bergoglio is making evangelization all but impossible, making guys like me who are telling guys like you “hey, come to the fuller expression of the Truth!” seem like psychos.  But protestants pick churches not much differently than they change channels: “this one bores me”, “this one is stupid”, “this one isn’t meeting my needs”.  Scroll up; scroll down.  “Oh, I like this show . . . for now.

It is HIS Church and HE’s been dealing with interlopers for a couple of thousand years; starting with Judas.  The 11 jumped ship (“He’s done for now” they thought, “might as well go back to fishing.”)  But they were restored (“Peter, do you love me?”) and the world’s never been the same. But the fight continues in the heavenlies.  We get a glimpse of that (Revelation 6:10) where those already in Heaven are praying “God, how long until you do something.” To which God in that passage responds: “Sit down.  When I’m good and ready, that’s how long.  And it’s gonna be a doozy!

For me, I’ll stick with faith and reason.  I’ll still call a spade a spade.  I’ve been picking fights with deacons, priests, bishops, and pretend-popes for that last dozen years.  But I ain’t leaving, no matter how much they want me to.

So, answer my question: What’s it to you?

Next question: When you coming in?  It’s a target rich environment; they can’t get away this time.

In Christ,


“Daddy, tell me what you did during the Holocaust.”

I used to ask myself what would be my response to that when my children and grandchildren asked me what I did when they were killing babies.  More frequently, I imagine we entertain that same query as a bit of a theoretical moral exercise,  when the context is Nazi Germany.  Many assume (at least I have) an air of moral superiority by asserting that “that wouldn’t have happened on my watch” type attitude.

Today, we have frauds and other charlatans like Anthony Fauci giving us faux science.  Yet he’s treated like deity.  In reality, he’s the main culprit in a modern pogrom that rivals the Nazis in its inhumanity; surpasses them in its scope.  For him, there may be Hell to pay in eternity.  More temporally, maybe a fair trial followed by a first class hanging.

But what of us?

I’ve taken a few stands in my life.  Many that weren’t worth the dirt I occupied to do it.  Others were right and just.  The blood of the millions and millions of unborn children, whose lives were snuffed out with impunity for the last 50 years cries out to heaven for justice.  Those voices  are now being joined – as many of us warned would be the case – by the aged and infirm.

“The compassion of the wicked is cruel.”

Perhaps the cruelest part of this Covid hoax, is what it has done to the elderly, who in the twilight of their lives ought to be surrounded by loved ones. The lie of Covid has consequences. Silence in the face of a lie is complicity with the lie.

“So, Daddy, tell me what you were doing when they were killing Grandma.”


Mr. Barrett says, “The first thing I’m going to do after Amy is confirmed is overturn Roe v. Wade.”

Citing their own hostility toward and lack of familiarity with historic Christianity, the Associated Press News did their part to take a swipe at President Donald Trump’s nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court.  Amy Coney Barrett, AP says, has close ties to a charismatic Christian religious group that holds men are divinely ordained as the “head” of the family and faith. Former members of the group, called People of Praise, say it teaches that wives must submit to the will of their husbands.

Barrett, 48, grew up in New Orleans in a family deeply connected to the organization and as recently as 2017 she served as a trustee at the People of Praise-affiliated Trinity Schools Inc., according to the nonprofit organization’s tax records and other documents reviewed by The Associated Press. Only members of the group serve on the schools’ board, according to the system’s president.

People of Praise is a religious community based in charismatic Catholicism, a movement that grew out of the influence of Pentecostalism, which emphasizes a personal relationship with Jesus and can include baptism in the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues. The group organizes and meets outside the purview of a church and includes people from several Christian denominations, but its members are mostly Roman Catholic.

When asked for a response, People of Praise simply replied, “Ephesians 5:22-24” which forced APNEWS to actually do research for their article.

“Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands as you do to the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body, of which he is the Savior.  Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit to their husbands in everything.”

Bill extols Joe’s Virtues. In other news, pot calls kettle black.

Former President Bill Clinton appeared virtually to give his endorsement to Joe Biden for President.  Add to this the added surprise (to some) that Bill appeared at the DNC prime time on the same day that a photograph was made public of Bill getting a massage from a twenty-something sex slave while with his old pal Suicide Jeff Epstein.

I love writing satire.  I love irony.  But even I, can’t make up irony this extreme.

  • Bill said “Trump turned the Oval Office into a storm center.” Gee, Bill, as I recall you turned it into the Oral Office.
  • Bill didn’t like it when Trump said (about COLDVID) “It is what it is.”  Bill, I remember you telling the world that you don’t even know what is, is.
  • You accuse him of his “determination to deny responsibility.” Umm. . . I recall another President who got on national TV, looked America straight in the eye and said (with fingers-a-pointing), “I did not have sex with that woman, Ms. Lewinski.”
  • You assure us that Biden will “take responsibility.” Do you mean like he has over his 40 years in politics – and before: lying about his accomplishments (3 degrees, top of my class, plagiarism, etc.), the way he sets his drug-addled, whore-mongering son up with billion dollar contracts in Ukraine and Red China, the way he divides the nation by telling people they aren’t black if they don’t vote for him, the way he stole his current wife from another man? I could go on, because the list is seemingly endless. Perhaps you could give us the short list of when he has taken responsibility.
  • And, you tell us that he truly cares about the marginalized. So while you prefer the company of 20 something sex slaves when you were hanging out with your old pal Epstein; Joe is a little more opportunistic, preferring to nuzzle women and young girls in full view of the world. You’re are a demonstrated rapist; Joe’s “just” a molester.

Pretty sure they’re breaking some gun laws

It’s like, I dunno, they don’t even care.

This is why you need 30 rounds.  The government can’t protect you.  The police are largely crime historians: “Tell me, ma’am, what happened here?”

Notice the division of labor, the speed of execution.

Plan. Execute. Repeat.



A sewer under any other name would smell just as sweet.

Hidden, Forgotten, Forbidden Black History: Racism At the ...Racism     Margaret Sanger speaks at Ku Klux Klan meeting  Abortion Clinic Drops Margaret Sanger’s name.

Citing her “harmful connections to the Eugenics Movement.”

But killing black babies and otherwise carrying out her mission continues apace.

Planned Parenthood of Greater New York says it will remove the name of pioneering birth control advocate Margaret Sanger from its Manhattan health clinic because of her “harmful connections to the eugenics movement. Sanger was one of the founders of Planned Parenthood of America more than a century ago. But she has long provoked controversy because of her support for eugenics, a movement to promote selective breeding that often targeted people of color and the disabled. The clinic that had been named after Sanger will now be known as the Manhattan Health Center, because “Baby Killing Bastards” was already taken.




Being an airplane mechanic used to be so simple.

But simple isn’t the same thing as easy.

Nick Cannon enjoys Black Privilege.

Nick Cannon asserts Black Privilege because he’s been water Melanized.  Charlamagne Tha God claims Cannon’s firing proves Jews control media.  P. Diddy comes out as Jewish, offers Cannon job in media.

It all came out in a rant so incoherent, it lost all capacity to be offensive.


Art imitates Life. I won’t wear a mask.