Planned Parenthood, funding, and missing the point.

Undercover videos, Congressional hearings, Planned Parenthood talking heads (most of whom seem to be employed by CNN).  No wonder so many have been so distracted and so disturbed at the same time.

The Center for Medical Progress has done a masterful job.  They did their homework and executed, as far as I can tell, near flawlessly.  I can only hope that this has the same effect on Planned Parenthood that another undercover video expose’ had on ACORN.

Unfortunately, the truth and the real issues have been obscured.  Politicians, no surprisingly, bear part of the blame.  Many GOP Congressmen and Senators continue their cowardly, grandstanding sashay in front of their prolife constituents, yet do nothing to, at the very least, stop giving tax money to the world’s largest provider of abortion.  John McCormack over at  The Weekly Standard notes that this Congressional song and dance is exactly how to NOT make Planned Parenthood squirm.

Elected officials usually see the light only after they feel the heat.  Here are some talking points that you might like to use to help your elected officials see the light:

  • Debating how much Planned Parenthood actually charges for the baby parts that they are selling is analogous to discussing whether they are whores, prostitutes, or call girls.  The fact is, they are breaking the law.  Defund Planned Parenthood.  Now.  Completely.  Use the money to launch a criminal investigation.
  • Most of the Congressional hearing missed the point.  Completely.  But I would have loved to have been one of those congress-critters for just a couple of minutes: “Ms. Richards, you are here among other things to help preserve the half a billion dollars that we have stolen from U.S. Taxpayers and given to Planned Parenthood.  You have regaled us with the litany of the many, non-human-life-ending services that Planned Parenthood offers.  My question for you is if your organization ceased from this point forward to get a dime of hard working American’s money, tell me which of the following would you cease to do:  1) Continue to collect your $800,000.00 salary (plus benefits); 2) Continue to charter private jets and fly first class for yourself and other Planned Parenthood executives; 3) Continue to divert millions of dollars to your connected PAC and other political activities; 4) Continue to send millions of dollars to foreign entities; or 5) Continue to provide these non-abortion medical services to the poor and disadvantaged that you represent to this Committee you care so much about?  Oh, and since you’ve already told us that Planned Parenthood doesn’t have any mammogram machines, you can’t cut that out.”
  • “No federal funds are used by Planned Parenthood to perform abortions.”  Two words: First one, BULL!  Does this nonsense ever work in any other context.  We, the taxpayers, are forced to put $500,000,000.00 (that 1/2 a billion dollars for government school graduates) into Planned Parenthood’s left pocket.  They promise – honest injun’ – to only pay for abortions out of their right pocket.
  • Abortion is Planned Parenthood’s business.  They have no mammogram machines.  Abortion is why they exist.  Don’t believe me, ask their founder Margaret Sanger.  Oh, wait, you can’t.  She’s in hell.  She called Black people “human weeds” among other niceties, who needed to be exterminated.  There’s a reason PP largest facilities are in minority neighborhoods.  It’s called Eugenics, which is a nice word for Genocide.
  • The CMP videos are not doctored.  First, CMP has put the full videos on their website for the world to examine.  Strange how PP isn’t so transparent, huh?  Second, if they were not true and accurate, Planned Parenthood would have slapped CMP with a defamation lawsuit so fast it would have made Cecile Richards’ peroxided head spin.   Planned Parenthood is in bed with many large law firms with very deep benches (and pockets).   If the videos are false, it would be a slam dunk.  But there’s a downside to filing a defamation lawsuit:  Truth is the perfect defense.   And the last thing the Planned Parenthood babes (and their stable of geldings) want is to have a jury determine what the truth is.  Planned Parenthood had no problemo racing into court to try and get an injunction against the release of more videos – even though such a lawsuit was juxtaposed to the First Amendment.  C’mon Cecile, act like a man for crying out loud.
  • What do these videos show?  Sure, PP is dealing in baby parts for money.   But, more importantly, they incontrovertibly show what we’ve known all along.  THESE. ARE. BABIES.  Hey, Chris Cuomo, quit denying science you stinking pretend Catholic idiot.  Just because Steny Hoyer can’t muster the testicular mass to acknowledge that human hearts, human livers, and human brains come from (wait for it), HUMANS, doesn’t mean we should buy into the demonic, false narrative.

These videos have given those that care about human rights, human dignity an effective tool to talk about the humanity of the unborn child and to protect at least some of them from the clutches of the world’s largest abortion provider.  Congress is demonstrating that they can not be left unsupervised.