Pope Francis calls it ‘an honor’ to have Americans ‘attack’ him.

“Say what?”

Pope Francis told a French author that he felt it an honor to be attacked by Americans. According to Edward Pentin of the National Catholic Register and several other reporters, the Argentinian pontiff made the remark soon after the papal plane took off from the runway September 4 en route to Mozambique.

Pope Francis’ press secretary Matteo Bruni confirmed that the pontiff had indeed made the remark about Americans but did his best to interpret them in a positive way.  “In an informal context, the Pope wanted to say that he always considers criticisms an honor, particularly when they come from authoritative thinkers and, in this case, an important nation,” Bruni said.

John Zmirak, author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Catholicism, believes that Pope Francis holds an antipathy towards Americans that is not unusual in the pontiff’s native country. “For a certain kind of Argentine, far-left or far-right, the United States is always the enemy.  Why? Bitterness, envy. The two nations were equally prosperous circa 1900. They had similar populations, and comparable natural resources. Each had a fierce national pride. But the Argentines followed demagogues with economic views much like Pope Francis and squandered all those advantages, turning their nation into a bankrupt backwater,” he continued.  “Meanwhile, the U.S. prospered.  I think this bitter Argentine chauvinism is the secret ingredient needed to make Pope Francis Sauce.”

Get him to resign? Hell, I don’t think he was validly elected in the first place. I just hope the Swiss Guard is making sure he never sits in the Chair of Peter.


Michael Hichborn of the Lepanto Institute told LifeSiteNews that Pope Francis is not the first to suggest attracting criticism is honorable.  “Anyone can wear criticism as a badge of honor,” he said.   “Martin Luther wore condemnations and criticisms of his work as an honor, but all it [did was] establish his disdain for the Truth.”

“If Pope Francis truly feels honored to be criticized for perverting the Church’s teachings on homosexuality, Holy Communion, Marriage, and the doctrine of Hell, then he is only revealing his true entrenchment into ideological falsehoods,” Hichborn continued.  “A humble man takes criticism and embraces the truth in it while kindly refuting the falsehood. A proud man, however, boasts of the prestige of his critics.”

Phil Lawler, founder of Catholic World News, was unconvinced, however, that the Pope welcomes criticism.  “…Despite his claims and those of his spokesman, there’s precious little evidence that Pope Francis is ‘honored’ by criticism,” Lawler said in his Catholic Culture blog. Ask Cardinals Burke and Müller. Ask the other authors of the dubia. Ask the priests who were summarily dismissed from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith for voicing concerns about the Pope’s thinking. Ask the ousted faculty members of the John Paul II Institute,” he continued.  “One honors criticism by responding to it. The track record suggests that Pope Francis prefers to suppress it.”

One highly placed American Cardinal, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, noted, “Get him to resign? Hell, I don’t think Bergoglio was validly elected in the first place. I just hope the Swiss Guard is making sure he never sits in the Chair of Peter.”