President Biden: “Boy, it sure would stink to be the guy who caused that.”

Aide slips boss a note: “Sir, you are the man.”

Biden’s statement ‘washing hands’ of Afghanistan ‘is one of most shameful in US history’: Left and right-wing media unite in condemnation of America’s ‘chaotic retreat’ and ‘betrayal’ of Afghan people

  • Wall Street Journal condemns Joe Biden ‘washing his hands’ of situation and slams his ‘shameful’ comments
  • CNN columnist says ‘debacle of defeat and chaotic retreat in Afghanistan’ is a ‘political disaster’ for President 
  • Opinion writer in The Atlantic slams ‘betrayal’ of Afghan people and places the ‘burden of shame’ on Biden
  • New York Post editorial says Biden’s claims that he ‘inherited’ Donald Trump’s withdrawal plans were a ‘lie’
  • UK Press also hits out at Biden, with The Sun editorial criticizing Biden for ‘ignored repeated warnings’
  • FT piece says ‘abandonment of Afghanistan raises doubts over depth of US commitment to supposed allies’

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