Private Pilot Shortage Leads to Traveling Crisis.

Affirmative Action wipes out all demand.

After you. No, no. After you.

The world’s super-rich could soon be forced to slum it on commercial planes due to a worldwide shortage of pilots which means fewer than in years past are working for private jets.

According to the aircraft seller Colibri Aircraft, which sells pre-owned private jets,  big-name airlines are turning their recruitment efforts to pilots in the private sector.  They say that between now and 2038, 98,000 new private plane pilots will be needed to meet demand, they say.

It is down to an increasing number of pilots being recruited by major airlines including British Airways and Virgin Atlantic thanks to a global shortage of pilots.   As commercial airlines claw to keep up with the growing demand, they are focusing on luring as many pilots as they can into their rosters.  High salaries and steady work plus benefits are among the perks on offer. The result is that more pilots are turning to commercial work over private contracts.

The problem is so serious, that those impacted are demanding action from Washington DC.  The affluent travelers group, consisting of movie stars, rap musicians, and professional sports figures are joining forces to lobby lawmakers and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) that governs the industry for relief.

Given the money and influence of the group, the FAA immediately relaxed the standards for licensing of private pilots.  Under the Agency’s emergency powers provisions, pilots for private aircraft need only complete a five-hour online class or use the free app “FlyNow” available on the I-Tunes store or on Google Play.

Passengers will be required to sign a waiver form to be able to travel in private aircraft.  The form also requires complete information for next-of-kin.