Put Ann down as undecided.

No reference to “Giving the devil his due” would be complete without a commentary on the false religion of Islam.  Since my rhetoric tends to be too inflammatory, I thought I would give some space to a – how do I say it – a voice of moderation.

Meet Ann Barnhardt.  She’s young, single, a convert to Roman Catholicism.  And besides all that, she’s apparently attracted the attention of some ungentlemanly cowards from across the pond, including one erudite islamist (screen name Shariyah4pakistan) who opines that Ann “should be killed in a bad way.”

Ann responded to this threatening entreaty by providing her home address as well as the directions to her abode.   She also offered the following, ahem, expression of mutual affection:

You are more than welcome to come to my home, or to send other musloids here in the U.S. that you have recruited, to try to “kill me in a bad way”. Please do. I have multiple weapons systems that I would like to try out in a live tactical engagement. There are several mosques in Colorado. Here is the contact information for the main mosque here in Denver, which is not terribly far from my home. Please feel free to contact this mosque, or any other, and recruit jihadis to come and “kill me in a bad way”. . . .In fact, if you are a devout musloid, you are absolutely required by the koran to do just that, and if you don’t, then your belief in and devotion to the fake pagan moon deity “allah” and the pedophile cult-leader mohammed (pig diarrhea be upon him) is in question. Are you REALLY a muslim? Or are you so terrified by a young, single Christian woman in the United States that you have been driven by your own trembling fear into apostasy?

It has been almost seven months since I burned my koran on YouTube, and not a single musloid has made even the slightest attempt to punish me. Every day that I live is another day in which the people of the world stand and LAUGH at islam. How weak and impotent islam is! Every single muslim man on earth PUT TOGETHER can’t even stand against ONE Christian female, alone, carrying the Banner of Christ.

Read the rest of Ann’s missive here.

So, Mr. Shariyah4pakistan, seems like you’ve got your invite.  I really, really look forward to hearing how your visit went.  Toodles.

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