Reasons I am voting for Trump

Feel free to add yours . . .

The inestimable Ann Coulter, long a supporter of The Donald, offers her final push (putsch?) for a President Trump.  Generally entertaining, almost always clear, you should give Miss Coulter a read.

I, on the other hand, am only occasionally entertaining and seldom clear.  Nonetheless, I offer my reasons for casting a Trump vote.  I invite you to add your and/or dispute mine.

  1. He’s not Hillary Clinton.  Yes, she IS that bad.
  2. He promised to defund Planned Parenthood, the largest provider of abortions on the planet.  Hillary has promised to keep propping them up.  Probably the only time in her political life she’s told the truth.
  3. Supreme Court.  Nothing in my estimation is more critical for whatever crumbs of a Republic remain.  Whoever wins the election will shape the national future.  Trump has provided a list of jurists he would appoint.
  4. Mike Pence.  Speaking of the future . . .
  5. Trump loves this country.  For all his bombast, ego mania, and glossed over humanistic worldview, I think he really does.  Hillary, not so much.