Scalping Nathan Phillips.

At the heart of the smear campaign against a few young men from a Catholic School in Kentucky is Nathan Phillips.  Mr. Phillips has recounted his heroism when he faced down a few teenagers, telling a fawning media how scared he was.  It’s all a lie.  The media was recklessly indifferent to the fact that it was a lie.

A few Catholic priests as well as some bishops jumped on the Catholic School bashing bandwagon and excoriated the young men.  They, too, have been recklessly indifferent to the truth.  Hirelings and cowards, that’s all.  Pray for the those priests and bishops.  Might start with Psalm 109.

But back to Nathan Phillips, The New York Times and CNN appear to be walking their original stories back, but they’ve  never mentioned a few points about Phillips.  For example:

1. He enlisted in the Marine Corps Reserves in 1972 . . . under the name Nathan Stanard.
2. He was discharged four years later . . . as a Private.
3. He entered the Marines in a real hotbed of conflict . . . in Topeka, KS.
4. His job in the military was . . . . “basic electrician.”
5. He did serve as a rifleman . . . for two days, after which he was transferred . . . to Lincoln, Nebraska.
6. Once in the war zone in Lincoln, his job was listed as a “Refr. Tech.” which, being translated means, he worked on base refrigeration units. I think that’s close to where Maytag’s headquarters used to be.
7. In 1975-76, he was transferred to El Toro, California. He went AWOL a couple of times while there. USMC doesn’t really appreciate it when you do that.

I just thought you might want to know.