SNL dances on the moral high ground.

Citing long-standing policy on reverence and sanctity.

“Saturday Night Live” showrunner Lorne Michaels, who has long led the legendary program, said “there is not now – nor has there ever been – room on my program for the racist and homophobic so-called humor on Saturday Night Live. Period.  We’ve canned his fag-bashing butt, effective immediately.”

Michaels was referencing comments made by newly hired cast member Shane Gillis, but comedians and actors are expressing their condemnation on social media, some even asking that he be fired from the show.  One cast member said, “We have standards here.  We simply cannot tolerate intolerance from any quarter.  Ever.”

Footage of Gillis’s podcast, “Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast,” was posted to social media by entertainment journalist Seth Simons on Thursday. In it, Gillis, when discussing New York City’s Chinatown, is heard saying, “Let the f-cking ch-nks live there,” and mocks immigrants’ language skills.  In other episodes, Gillis makes derogatory remarks about women, Muslims and the LBTQ community.

“As a comedian, I usually side with the comedians on sensitive subjects. But this is just plain racist. [It’s] truly disgusting,” wrote “Silicon Valley” star Jimmy O. Yang on Twitter. “This man has to go @nbcsnl.”

SNL later released this training video for future applicants wanting to work on the show: