Taylor, not that swift; needs to Calm Down.

Taylor Swift called out the White House after she won the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards‘ top prize — video of the year — for her LGBTQ pride anthem, “You Need To Calm Down.”  The “Lover” songstress opened the show at the Prudential Center in Newark, N.J., with a performance of the hit song. Swift was flanked by colorful dancers, then brought it back to her roots by bringing out her guitar to sing the title track of her new album “Lover.”

The words “Equality Act” were shown over the 29-year-old pop star’s performance, a reference to her support of the Equality Act legislation that would prevent discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

“I just want to say that this is a fan-voted award. So, I first want to say thank you to the fans because in this video, several points were made, so you voting for this video means that you want a world where we’re all treated equally,” Swift said.  When questioned about her recently disclosed pro-abortion views and treating unborn children equally, Swift didn’t miss a beat, “It’s not like they can even, you know, like buy tickets to one of my concerts or even, like, an album.”

She continued: “At the end of this video there was a petition — and there still is a petition for the Equality Act, which basically just says we all deserve equal rights under the law. And, I want to thank everyone who signed that petition because it now has half-a-million signatures, which is five times the amount that it would need to warrant a response from the White House.  I mean, like, you know, cause he should listen to all those 15-year-old girls.”

Swift also recently discussed discussed her lawsuit against a guy who apparently put his hand on that bottom of hers that she showcases when performing . . . or whenever possible.  “People need to believe victims of sexual assault whenever they come forward.  Except if their names are Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones, Leslie Millwee, Monica Lewinski, Gennifer  Flowers, or Juanita Broderick.  Yeah, I’m all for equality, but some people are just more equal than others.”