“Daddy, tell me what you did during the Holocaust.”

I used to ask myself what would be my response to that when my children and grandchildren asked me what I did when they were killing babies.  More frequently, I imagine we entertain that same query as a bit of a theoretical moral exercise,  when the context is Nazi Germany.  Many assume (at least I have) an air of moral superiority by asserting that “that wouldn’t have happened on my watch” type attitude.

Today, we have frauds and other charlatans like Anthony Fauci giving us faux science.  Yet he’s treated like deity.  In reality, he’s the main culprit in a modern pogrom that rivals the Nazis in its inhumanity; surpasses them in its scope.  For him, there may be Hell to pay in eternity.  More temporally, maybe a fair trial followed by a first class hanging.

But what of us?

I’ve taken a few stands in my life.  Many that weren’t worth the dirt I occupied to do it.  Others were right and just.  The blood of the millions and millions of unborn children, whose lives were snuffed out with impunity for the last 50 years cries out to heaven for justice.  Those voices  are now being joined – as many of us warned would be the case – by the aged and infirm.

“The compassion of the wicked is cruel.”

Perhaps the cruelest part of this Covid hoax, is what it has done to the elderly, who in the twilight of their lives ought to be surrounded by loved ones. The lie of Covid has consequences. Silence in the face of a lie is complicity with the lie.


“So, Daddy, tell me what you were doing when they were killing Grandma.”