The First time.

When G.E. first released this TV ad for 4D ultrasound in 2002, it was hailed by pro-life groups everywhere – as well as by conservative columnists such as George Will and Cal Thomas – which made liberals angry. They called it propaganda and It disappeared very quickly.

I’m guessing because the pressure from pro-abortion forces was more effective than praise for pro-lifers. GE has since changed its slogan from “Bringing Good Things to Life” to “Imagination at Work” – almost as though Life had become a 4-letter word.

Over the years, I wrote to G.E.several times to ask what happened to the ad and whether I could buy a copy. They never replied.

Then bootleg copies began appearing on YouTube and the faithful kept resurrecting it

Thanking God for YouTube – so no one forgets the beauty of one ad, the beauty of life.

Thanks to Mommy Life for passing this along.

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