The Trump Election: the Gift that just keeps on giving.

loserGee, with so many celebs that have vowed to leave the country if Donald Trump is elected.  Too bad, Dems don’t get all hung up over that whole telling the truth moral construct thingy.

Some good news, it’s made Bergoglio quiet down.  Well, OK, only a little.  But, more good news, Cher is leaving the planet.  Would that make her an illegal alien wherever she lands?

And in Portland, the effects of legalized pot are demonstrated as anti-Trump thugs start fighting among themselves.  One thug of the male persuasion was even excoriated for punching a thug of the female persuasion.  Hey, she wanted equal pay for equal work.  What’s she complaining about?

And high school students – who, presumably were on an excused absence because the country needed them – marched through San Fransisco chanting and waiving rainbow banners.  In New York a hundred or so protestors were chanting “Time to Fight Back!”

Umm. No. That was last week.  That damned daylight savings time must have thrown them off.

These Dems really are losers.  They seem to have the “if I can’t have you, no one else can either” school of courtship training.

But their hypocrisy, whining, and criminal behavior does tend to prove maxim: Every man serves some purpose, even if it’s just to be a bad example.