Trump keeps another promise.

“We’ll build a wall and we’re going to make Mexico pay for it.”

Well, here ya go.  Not tired of winning.  Not tired of laughing.

Mexicans are taking to Twitter to taunt President Trump over the border wall, and are now open to the idea to stop the spread of coronavirus from the U.S. to their country.

Hay más pacientes de coronavirus en USA que en México. Asumiré que el muro es para proteger a los mexicanos!

— malvarad (@malvarad00) March 10, 2020

There are more coronavirus patients in the USA than in Mexico. I will assume that the wall is to protect Mexicans!” one woman wrote.

Como hay más casos de coronavirus en USA que en @mexico los mexicanos deberían construir el muro y que lo pague @realDonaldTrump

— GerardoGRamos 💪 (@GerardoGRamos) March 12, 2020

As there are more cases of coronavirus in the USA than in@mexico Mexicans should build the wall and pay for it@realDonaldTrump,” Gerardo Ramos wrote.

A este ritmo el muro lo hace Mexico por la cantidad de casos positivos de coronavirus en Usa

— Quino (@joako_92) March 12, 2020

At this rate the wall is done by Mexico due to the number of positive cases of coronavirus in the USA,” another tweeted.