Trump makes converts

It helps when they are cowardly liars in the first place.

trumpdillerA small retinue of celebrities made some promises, some profane; others just silly.   If Donald Trump wins the White House (which was a preposterous thought, said they) they would move to Canada.  It kinda made me wonder which side they were on.  I mean, it was like a buy one, get one free deal.  Get the Dems out of the White House and get a few morons out of the country!

One such bloviator, I should have pursued before the election: Barry Diller.  The media billionaire promised to “move out of the country or join the resistance.”  He went on to say that he “would take any bet” that he would have to do neither.  Man, I wish I had bet him a few million bucks.  Ironically, his bashing of Trump was that he (like Diller himself) was nothing more than a media figure.

Having lost the bet and having decided to neither move nor resist, Diller sings a slightly different tune:

Diller said it appears the president-elect will bring about “almost undiluted change.”

One of the changes the United States will see is that Trump “is a better negotiator than someone who has trained in government,” Diller said. He added that he’s hopeful that Trump will actually be “really good across the table” and not “manhandle people” or “do one-off things that just sound good.”

As Trump pressures companies to keep jobs in America while threatening to slap them with tariffs for moving jobs, Diller said he has a feeling he won’t be getting one of those calls. When asked about his opinions on Trump’s recent dealings with Boeing and United Technologies, Diller said that “it’s interesting stuff” and that “it’s never happened before.”

I could go on and on as to why, but I think Diller is nothing short of being a hypocrite (do you think he got to be a billionaire by not manhandling people?) and a weenie.

Let’s see, the election was about a month ago.  Let’s do a little look back shall we?  Russia has said that like to be our friends now, Jeff Sessions is named Attorney General, Mattis is going to be Secretary of Defense, Carrier has decided to stay in the US, and a Taiwan tech giant is investing $50,000,000,000 in the US.  I won’t say that’s impressive, but I haven’t had a month like that in, like, ever.

And Trump’s not even President yet.  Pardon me if I seem a little hopeful.

If Trump keeps this up, he’ll keep making converts.  Heck, even the weenies are signing on.