“Trumped-Up Outrage” nails it.


Democrats and their media allies, joined by many Republicans, are calling on Donald Trump to withdraw from the presidential race after a newly released, decade-old tape of a frat-house-level conversation between Trump and television host Billy Bush in 2005, in which Trump boasted of his heavy-handed pursuit of females. Trump describes trying unsuccessfully to seduce a married woman by taking her furniture shopping, speaking in the crudest terms. . . .

Now why might it be that men regard women as sex objects? Surely the ravenous purchase by females of stiletto heels, push-up bras, butt-hugging mini-skirts, plunging necklines, false eyelashes, hair extensions, breast implants, butt implants, lip implants, and mascara, rouge, and lipstick to the tune of billions a year has nothing to do with it. Females would never ever exploit their sexuality to seek attention from men. Bush and Trump, driving to the set of Days of Our Lives on a studio bus, comment on the legs of actress Arianne Zucker who is coming to meet them. . . . As documented in the video, she is wearing a skimpy purple dress, with an extremely short hem cut on the bias, a low neckline and fully exposed back. She is in high heels to accentuate her bare legs. But all that bare flesh must simply be because Zucker has a high metabolism and gets exceedingly warm; she would never want to broadcast her sexuality to men or have men notice her. The fact that she swishes her hips when she walks must just be a quirk of anatomy.

Read the rest of the piece here. (language warning).

The article really nails it.  Except, maybe, that it doesn’t go far enough.   Did this video change anyone’s opinion of Donald?  Is there anyone who hitherto believed anything other about the man?

He is, in short, the consummate conquering male without the restraint of the Gospel.  There’s probably about one person on the planet who hasn’t drawn their own well-spring of concupiscence and whispered to themselves, “Boy, I’d like to have his money/success/fame.”  Oh, wait.  Mother Teresa is dead; so probably not even one.

Beyond that, the Donald rightly apologized and observed that his gutter talk is nothing compared to Bill Clinton’s actions, which is a relativistic “so what.”  Notice Hillary didn’t even respond to that assertion.  No way she could have, especially with four of Bill’s victims sitting in the front row of the debate.

But I pose a deeper question: Is Donald’s self-described “Locker room banter” anything other than a reflection of our own culture.  Consider the average American home, Christian or non-Christian (sadly, there’s not a whit of difference there).  Can we check the recent viewing history on internet, cable, Netflix, personal DVD collection and not conclude that we are as a nation voluntarily pumping this swill into our homes!

Talk to someone – anyone – about cancelling cable into their home and they will act like you’re suggesting an unnatural act.  And count the number of days in a row that we can not  be faced with a “news” story about Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, or the respective foul-mouthed, slack-jawed, mouth-breathing, pimp-morons that they call husbands.  You know the guys I’m talking about; your children have some of their “songs” downloaded to their IPhone.

Donald Trump is not just a candidate.  He’s a mirror.

*    *     *

Case in Point

A friend of mine just forwarded me some information that proves my point:

A Catholic School, named Assumption (that’s right, the school named after the blessed event in which the Mother of God was assumed into heaven by her Son, Jesus) was doing a half-time dance at a football game against another Catholic school.  Watch it here.

The first song they are dancing to is called “X gone give it to ya” by DMX. . . . he has 15 children, he’s had multiple extra-marital affairs and has been incarcerated several times. Says he’s a Christian now.  Here’s some lyrics from the song the Catholic girls are shaking their asses to:  https://www.bing.com/search?q=dmx%20rapper%20x%20gone%20give%20it%20to%20ya%20lyrics&qs=n&form=QBRE&pq=dmx%20rapper%20x%20gone&sc=0-17&sp=-1&sk=&cvid=A008D3AFFBE147869A19ED8F2A4791E9

But don’t worry, Assumption took out the objectionable lyrics. . . . Couldn’t find the a couple in the middle, but toward the end we get to hear:  “Bring ‘em Out” by T.I.  Lyrics here:  https://www.bing.com/search?q=brimg+em+out+lyrics+t.i.&form=EDGNTC&qs=PF&cvid=e0657e0d15d84a44a27d09290e76be47&pq=brimg+em+out+lyrics+t.i.

May God have mercy on us all.