We’ve been robbed by John “The Dread Pirate” Roberts

If one more person tells me how important this election is because of making appointments to the Supreme Court, I am going to put them in immediate need of Obamacare.  Case in point:  Chief Justice John “The Dread Pirate” Roberts.

Say goodbye to the Republic, baby.

Oh, and be sure and vote for your savior, Mitt Romney.  After all, all the usual Republican suck-ups are shilling for him.  And, Jay, you know who you are!

The biggest difference between Obama and Romney is that Obama has it floored on the road to hell; Romney has the accelerator only halfway mashed.

Romney has got to be the happiest guy in the country.  He finally has a campaign point.

America doesn’t need to find jobs; it needs to find her soul.  It ain’t the economy, it’s eternity.


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