WNBA Fights for Ratings

Seeking pay parity with NBA.

Dorothy J. Gentry, who covers the Dallas Wings for The Athletic WNBA, told “All In” podcast recently that the only time she has seen mainstream media seize on the Wings was following Liz Cambage’s history-making 53-point performance in 2018. She said national broadcast media was neither in Dallas before Cambage’s historic moment nor following the single-day coverage after it. This underscores the trend that WNBA players must have extraordinary, if not extreme, on-court performances to draw the national media’s gaze.

But mainstream media entities seem more willing to show interest in the league when there’s a scandal.

Some fans, however, continue to be unstirred.  One male fan, who identified himself as a government economist, sounded a little disappointed. “Even when the ladies collide.  It’s still a Yawn City.  All of this is really a function of supply and demand.  There’s plenty of supply, but demand – not so much.  I appreciate that the players on the WNBA are fighting parity with the guys.  But, face it:  they still fight like girls.