Catholic Priest in Chicago burns ‘gay’ flag

Well, at least someone understands what the problem is.

Paul Kalchik, a priest at the Resurrection Catholic Church in Chicago, says he has twice been sexually assaulted in his life.

A neighbor first sexually assaulted him as a child, Kalchik said, and it happened again with a Catholic priest when he was just 19, according to The Chicago Sun-Times. For Kalchik, the answer seems clear: Sexual abuse in the Catholic church is “definitely a gay thing.”

Now, the Catholic priest is facing controversy after he burned a rainbow flag at his church on September 14 in what he described as a “prayer of exorcism,” according to NBC News. Kalchik originally planned to burn the flag on September 29, the outlet reported, but the Archdiocese of Chicago told him he couldn’t when it heard about the idea.

Despite being warned against it, Kalchik cut the flag into seven pieces on Friday and then burned it “in the same fire pit that we used for the Easter vigil mass,” NBC News wrote.

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Maybe Father Kalchik can write Atlanta Archbishop Gregory.