Snip Gosnell, Part 7.

 ‘House of horrors’ abortion clinic hadn’t been inspected in 20 years, was filthy, and the ‘anesthesiologist’ had a 6th grade education, jury hears.

The ‘house of horrors’ abortion clinic went nearly two decades without an inspection and was in a state of squalor, it was revealed in court today as the murder trial for Dr Kermit Gosnell’s clinic goes into its second week.

A Pennsylvania department of health employee testified today that the Philadelphia doctor’s abortion clinic was not inspected by health officials and ‘filthy, corroded’ tubing was used in medical equipment.

Jurors also heard testimony that the clinic’s ‘anesthesiologist’ only had a 6th grade education and that the clinic failed several state regulations.

According to NBC Philadelphia, witnesses testified that the facility at 38th and Lancaster Streets was subject to over-crowding, and had unqualified medical staffers.

One aide was apparently 15 and still in high school.

Last week, the jury heard testimony from Shayquana Abrams, who aborted her baby when she was 17 and nearly 30 weeks pregnant, well beyond the 24-week limit in Pennsylvania.

A medical assistant from Gosnell’s clinic in West Philadelphia has said the baby’s large size and pinkish color disturbed her. She says babies were routinely cut with scissors after delivery.

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