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No. Russia. Collusion

A song for Parenthood 101

Family Stories. And Fauxcahantas.

My family used to tell me stories too.  When I was a child an old, fat guy would come down our chimney and give me stuff.  I really loved him.  And whenever I lost a tooth, some flying chick would pay me a quarter for it.  But when I stopped losing teeth and realized we …

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I do abortions while I’m wearing #Blackface.

Do those offset each other? Insanity. Hypocrisy. I rape, pillage, plunder. I especially like killing babies. Born or unborn: they’re all the same. Don’t judge me. Don’t impose your morality on me. But I did something retarded 35 years ago when I was in college: I sincerely apologize. #abortion #BlackfaceDemocrats

Uganda and curvy women.

I didn’t even know you could use those words in the same sentence. I’m sure Members of Congress and champions of the #MeToo will push for legislation against this . . . just as soon as they get back from lunch.  

Driven a Ford lately?

I’ve never been a stranger to polarizing conversation whether it be politics, social issues, or religion.  Today I rush in, however, where angels fear to tread, the most polarizing issue of all: Pickup Trucks.  Recently I bought one: Ford F250, crew cab diesel, four-wheel drive.  Silver if you must know.  So you Ram and GM …

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Scalping Nathan Phillips.

At the heart of the smear campaign against a few young men from a Catholic School in Kentucky is Nathan Phillips.  Mr. Phillips has recounted his heroism when he faced down a few teenagers, telling a fawning media how scared he was.  It’s all a lie.  The media was recklessly indifferent to the fact that …

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the Anti-Trump

Bloomberg ominously warns that “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is the Darling of the Left, Nightmare of the Right.”  Lions and tigers and bears.  Oh, my!  That warning is, of course, predicated on two assumptions: 1) that the “Right” is composed of every member of Congress with an (R) after their name; and, 2) that the lot of …

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Ain’t Braggin’ if’n you can do it.

No doubt, a tribute to superior parenting. Hirsh Earns Pair of National Accolades from D3hoops.com & USBWA ROME, Ga. — The honors continued to roll in for Elijah Hirsh of the Berry College men’s basketball team on Tuesday, as the senior earned his first career D3hoops.com Team of the Week and U.S. Basketball Writers Association …

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Oprah: “Jesus don’t like ugly.”

Indeed, He doesn’t.  Who can blame Him?