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Oprah: “Jesus don’t like ugly.”

Indeed, He doesn’t.  Who can blame Him?

Is Oprah a token Negro too?

CNN and its token Negro Don Lemon couldn’t wait to gather a lynch mob back in the day when Kanye West took a break from pimpin’ his wife to grab some publicity with President Trump. No sooner had the rapper and sometimes political commentator donned a MAGA hat, and the Lemon Factory put the squeeze …

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Good guy with gun stops bad guy with gun. Who knew?

The father and his sons were leaving the restaurant as the masked man walked in and started shooting, WBRC reported. The father then started firing at the masked man. It is unclear if the man was targeting someone at the restaurant or attempting to rob it, WBRC reported. The father and one of his children were struck …

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From a father to a son.

Andrea and Matteo Bocelli. “Anyone who is a parent, anyone who knows the precious responsibility of being a mother or a father, will fully grasp the meaning of this piece. ‘Fall On Me’ is the first time I have duetted with my son Matteo Bocelli”.

A Table for the Tribe?


President Donald Trump made a promise.  Not a campaign promise, but a promise nonetheless.  He said that if Fauxcohontas took a DNA test and proved she was an American Indian that he would make a million dollar donation to the charity of her choice. Well, the test results are in and Elizabeth Warren is 1/1024th …

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I was triggered today. Or maybe bow and arrowed.

I went to the doctor today. Had to fill out a bunch of forms. One of the questions was “Ethnicity” and they gave me a couple of dozen choices. I asked the nurse if I was 1/1024 American Indian could I check that box. She glared at me knowingly and said, “No.” Guess I’m not …

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So Sioux me!

Turns out, the gal we all know as Fauxcohontas is overwhelmingly European.  But she does have an ancestor (as in a single one) ancestor somewhere way back in the woodpile that had Indian blood.  Rumor has it that it is from the mercifully extinct Whineywoopus tribe. The Boston Globe reports: Senator Elizabeth Warren has released …

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Kavanaugh Comes Clean

Kavanaugh comes clean about his high school and college years……I think a scoundrel like this should never hold office.  And if he gets there anyway, he should be impeached.  And then tarred and feathered.  And then his life ruined. “I spent the last two years of high school in a daze, locking away the questions …

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BOOM! Baby.

If there’s anything better than winning. It’s winning and gloating.