North Carolina fires cop, citing his Christian behavior.

Billy Graham Rules.

Lee County Sheriff Tracy “Buford” Carter

The late Billy Graham was a global icon for most of his adult life.  He lived – and died – in North Carolina.  But, my, the times they are a changing.

A North Carolina police officer is suing for religious discrimination after he said he was fired for refusing to spend extended time with a woman who isn’t his wife, a practice commonly known as the “Billy Graham Rule.”

Manuel Torres, 51, worked as a deputy for the Lee County Sheriff for five years when his boss asked him to train a female deputy in July 2017. Torres requested a religious accommodation, the suit alleges, saying he “holds the strong and sincere religious belief that the Holy Bible prohibits him, as a married man, from being alone for extended periods with a female who is not his wife.”

Torres, a Baptist who serves as a deacon at his local church, said in the suit that training his colleague would leave the appearance of “sinful conduct.”  The complaint alleges after Torres made his accommodation request, the sergeant “alternately granted and denied” him and that his superiors expressed their “anger” over his religious beliefs.

According to Lee County Sheriff Tracy Carter, “We can’t have our officers being all hung up on ethics and morals and stuff like that.  We’re more of a jelly doughnut and curbside justice sort of place, if you catch my drift.

The deceased Reverend Graham rolling over in his grave registered a 6.9 on the Richter Scale.


Speaking San Franciscan.

Pelosis and Feinsteins are everywhere

Crime-ridden San Francisco has introduced new sanitized language for criminals, getting rid of words such as “offender” and “addict” while changing “convicted felon” to “justice-involved person.” According to the San Francisco Chronicle, from now on a convicted felon or an offender released from custody will be known as a “formerly incarcerated person,” or a “justice-involved” person or just a “returning resident.”

A juvenile “delinquent” will now be called a “young person with justice system involvement,” or a “young person impacted by the juvenile justice system.”  And drug addicts or substance abusers, meanwhile, will become “a person with a history of substance use.”

The Board of Supervisors adopted the changes last month even as the city reels from one of the highest crime rates in the country and staggering inequality exemplified by pervasive homelessness alongside Silicon Valley wealth.  The local officials say the new language will help change people’s views about those who commit crimes.

Additionally, the city also faces unprecedented levels of filth filling the streets.  To rehabilitate that reputation, references to “human feces” shall now be “Nancy Pelosi” while “used hypodermic needles” shall henceforth be called “Dianne Feinsteins.”

The local officials say the new language will help change people’s views about the city.

UAE husband kind, loving, affectionate. Wife wants divorce.

Because enough is enough.

The woman from the UAE claimed her husband's 'love and compassion are so over the top' she suffered 'hell' (stock image)A woman in the UAE is seeking a divorce because her husband’s ‘extreme love’ sees him help with the housework and shower her with gifts.  She told a Sharia court in Fujairah that her spouse never argued or yelled at her and was always kind. The woman told the court: ‘I am choked by his extreme love and affection.  He even assisted me in cleaning the house without me asking him.’

But despite his affection, the woman claimed her life was ‘hell’ due to his ‘cruel-free treatment’, according to the English language UAE newspaper, Khaleej Times.  She  complains that ‘his love and compassion are so over the top’ and she filed for a split.

According to reports, the woman said the couple never had an argument and the husband did not shout at her during their year-long marriage.  When she complained about his weight, the man even went on a strict regime of dieting and exercise which left him with a broken leg.

But this still did not please the angry wife who still complained of her spouse’s many gifts and compliments, according to local media.  She added: ‘I am eagerly longing for a single day of dispute, but this seems impossible with my romantic husband who always forgave me and showered me with daily gifts.

I need a real discussion, even an argument, not this hassle-free life full of obedience.’ The husband begged the court to deny the divorce request.  He told the court: ‘It’s not fair to judge a marriage from the first year, and everybody learns from their mistakes. I am and always wish to be a perfect and kind husband.’ The court ordered an adjournment of the case to give the couple a chance to settle the dispute themselves.

Under Sharia law, the husband faces a punishment of a public flogging if convicted of extreme kindness and affection.  One Sharia expert noted that “this is why you have to give your wife – or your camel, if you don’t have a wife – a good slap every now and then.”

Dead Iceberg Cremated.

Remains interred in five gallon jug.

Iceland had a glacier, known as Okjökull or “Ok,” which covered 6.2 square miles in 1890. However, by 2012, it had shrunk to less than 0.3 miles, and in 2014 Icelandic scientists decided it was no longer moving.  An Icelandic geologist, Oddur Sigurðsson, told Agence France-Presse that “…We made the decision that this was no longer a living glacier, it was only dead ice, it was not moving.  So we pulled the plug, scraped the contents out of the middle.”

About 100 people, including Iceland’s prime minister, Katrín Jakobsdóttir, and Ireland’s former president Mary Robinson, held a ceremony where the glacier used to be on Sunday to commemorate its passing.  A bilingual Icelandic-English plaque entitled “A letter to the future” was affixed to a rocky outcropping.

“Ok is the first Icelandic glacier to lose its status as a glacier,” it reads. “In the next 200 years, all our glaciers are expected to follow the same path. This monument is to acknowledge that we know what is happening and what needs to be done. Only you know if we did it.”  Sigurðsson “brought a death certificate to the memorial service to bring attention to the ‘climate crisis.’”

Pope Francis alluded to the extinct glacier earlier this month when he was interviewed by Italian newspaper La Stampa. While explaining the relationship between his encyclical Laudato Si’ and the upcoming Synod on the Amazon, Francis said, “The other day, I read about a huge glacier in Iceland that melted almost completely: they built a funeral monument.”

Icelandic glaciers enjoy a higher status than do humans in that country.

Unborn babies with Down syndrome regularly disappear from Iceland. In fact, almost everyone with Down syndrome is aborted before he or she is born. In 2009, only three babies in Iceland were born with the genetic condition. By 2017, no Down Syndrome baby had been born there in five years.  

An Icelandic geneticist had boasted about the eradication of Down syndrome from his country.  “My understanding is that we have basically eradicated, almost, Down syndrome from our society – that there is hardly ever a child with Down syndrome in Iceland anymore,” said Kari Stefansson.

Helga Sol Olafsdottir, a counselor at Landspitali University Hospital, indicated that she didn’t think the abortion of babies with Down syndrome was wrong. “We don’t look at abortion as a murder,” she said. “We look at it as a thing that we ended.”

Michelle Obama finally getting house she can be proud of.

She’s calling it the Half-White House.

Barack told her “Yes you can, but you didn’t build it yourself.”  Were overheard singing theme song to The Jeffersons.

Sure, they lived for 8 years at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  After that they picked up a quaint little fixer upper in 2017 when the Obamas dropped $8.1 million on a nine-bedroom house in the Washington, DC, neighborhood of Kalorama.

But it looks like the lucrative field of politics has paid off for the Obama’s. Barack and Michelle Obama are close to buying a massive Martha’s Vineyard estate.   The former president and first lady are in escrow — aka in contract to purchase — a 29-acre beachfront plot with a 6,892-square-foot main house. The Obamas were initially just renting the seven-bedroom, 8½-bathroom spread for summer 2019, but apparently loved it so much that they made an offer.  It was most recently on the market asking $14.85 million, but the Obamas are apparently paying less.

The property at 79 Turkeyland Cove Road in Edgartown, Mass. — owned by Boston Celtics chief Wyc Grousbeck — has a living room with vaulted ceilings and a stone fireplace, a chef’s kitchen and a formal dining room with giant windows, according to the property’s listing.

The Obamas will bunk in the master suite, which has a fireplace and private sun deck.  Outside, there’s a pool with another fireplace — or the couple could swim on the private beach, which has a boathouse, which will be used as servant’s quarters.

As of 2018, Barack Obama’s net worth was about $40 million, according to a GoBankingRates calculation. But given Michelle Obama’s bestselling hit “Becoming” — and the lucrative book tour that accompanied it — it’s estimated the couple is worth more than $135 million.  Definitely, Movin’ on Up.

Michelle noted that she’s finally getting a house that she can be proud of but that “this is still a racist country.”

Scientists determine God is cause of Climate Change.

Only regulations on The Creator will save us.


The eruption of a “supervolcano” underneath Yellowstone National Park would be like nothing humanity has ever seen, according to an op-ed from The New York Times.  There are 20 supervolcanoes on Earth that represent that greatest natural threat to human life, writes ‘End Times‘ author Bryan Walsh.


The Yellowstone supervolcano is an eight out of eight on the Volcanic Explosivity Index but has only erupted three times in the last 2.1 million years. The last eruption was 640,000 years ago.  According to author Walsh, “we know that these three eruptions were devastating because they destroyed any record of them having occurred.”

Volcanologists predict an explosion could spread toxic gas all the way to the Midwest, ruining crops and knocking out power, according to Walsh. He adds that a toxic cloud blocking the sun could cause much colder temperatures in the United States for years.  The European Science Foundation said it would be ”the greatest catastrophe since the dawn of civilization,” according to Walsh.

Walsh noted that blocking the sun is a good response to the almost-as-bad-threat of Global Warming, he added, “This is just too much in the other direction.  Aviation safety gets $7 billion dollars a year; volcano response only gets $22 million.  Washington must fix this  – and fix it now.  Extensive regulations is the only thing that will save us.

One onlooker at the press conference offered a possible  solution – or perhaps it was directed at Walsh – when he said, “Put a cork in it.

Doc says Biden’s brain is fine. Biden wants it back.

It’s up here somewhere . . . I think.

Enough with the worrying, former Vice President Joe Biden’s brain surgeon says.

As some voters murmur that the gaffe-prone Democratic presidential candidate‘s age is cause for extra concern this campaign cycle, Dr. Neal Kassell — the man who performed surgery on Biden three decades ago following two brain aneurysms — came out swinging for his former patient.

Kassell dismissed fears about the 76-year-old Biden’s mental faculties, noting that he’s “as sharp as he was 31 years ago back when he got caught in that plagiarism scandal. His brain is as strong now as it was when I put it in the jar on my desk.”   The doc continued,  “I am going to vote for the candidate who I am absolutely certain has a brain that is functioning, because I look at it everyday.” Kassell told Politico.

Memphis Priest accused of Racism, Bishop says not so.


After an investigation, the Catholic Diocese of Memphis says “claims of racial bias and discrimination are unfounded” regarding allegations by two women that a Collierville priest discriminated against one of them by rejecting her as a house cleaner on the basis of race.

Friday, the Catholic Diocese released its conclusion of the investigation regarding the incident in which Emily Weaver, a white woman who had cleaned the Rev. Jacek Kowal’s home, took LaShundra Allen, who is black, to the church and asked to enter the rectory to train Allen as her replacement.

There, the women were told by church staff, “Fr. Jacek’s dog is kinda racist. I’m sorry, we are not trying to be rude, but the dog doesn’t like black people.  He just prefers white women.” according to a letter from the women’s attorney.

Father Kowal is the owner of the German Shepherd, named Quantavious.  Quantavious is also black.  Fr. Kowal denied the claim of racism.  “I have black friends.  I’ve had other black dogs.  He just prefers who he prefers.  He gets a little aggressive when he listens to rap music, but he’s a good boy.”

According to Lashundra Allen’s attorney, they plan to continue pursuing legal action.

Latest Poll: Elizabeth Warren gets 1/1024th of the votes.

Scrubs Website Of Native American DNA Results

Affectionately known as Fauxcahontas, Democratic Presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren has removed sections of her campaign website that had disputed claims about her heritage, including the results of a DNA test that showed she had scant traces of Native American ancestry.

Until Sunday, Warren’s website included a video of the Democrat receiving the results of the genetic test, which showed that she had between 1/64th and 1/1024th Native American ancestry. Warren initially touted the results as a vindication of her claims throughout her academic career that she has Cherokee ancestry.

In April 1986, Warren listed herself as “Native American” on a Texas state bar registration form. Harvard Law School, where Warren taught before entering politics, referred to Warren as the school’s only Native American professor as recently as 1996. Warren also listed herself as a minority in the Association of American Law Schools directory from 1986 to 1994.

Warren is traveling in Iowa where she was speaking to an Indian group.  She drew faint  applause when she promised better working conditions at the nation’s 7-11s.  Fortunately, a campaign aid hurriedly whispered, “These are feathers, not dots.

Candidate Warren didn’t miss a drumbeat: “Today we scrubbed our website of any references to my DNA test results.”  She added, “It’s gone faster than my opponent Kristen Gillibrand with a bottle of Clorox.  The scrubbing was so complete Hilary Clinton sent me a note of endorsement.  We must continue to rewrite history until there is none left.  It’s that important that we defeat Donald Trump.

In a Q & A session after the speech, there was just one question and that from the tribal chief: “How?”


Kanye West takes his show to an actual church.

Plans to renounce his faith next week.

His quasi-religious Sunday Service performances have become a regular fixture of his Calabasas, California community.  Now Kanye West has taken the show on the road with a performance inside an actual church.

Unlike previous shows which were closed to the public, the 42-year-old rapper and producer played his music for a group of parishioners in Los Angeles’ North Hollywood neighborhood.  Kanye arrived around 11 a.m., and his group played for nearly three straight hours until 2 p.m.

Kanye was content to be the focus of attention at his Sunday performance, telling worshipers to call him “Yesus. Cuz’ we tight like that” referring to his sixth album by that name.  The service was also attended by other notable Christians, like his wife Kim Kardashian, and their children North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm.  Blac Chyna, Gwen Stefani, and singer Tori Kelly also attended.  Even celebrity manager Scooter Braun made an appearance.

Mega-churches have become all the rage in the United States and the Hollywood style glitz and glamor and the Broadway level of entertainment show the competition is stiff for attendees, who ostensibly become donors.  “Pastors” of these super churches become celebrities on the own, often saying they are called to “minister to the affluent.”  And the perks aren’t half bad either.

Preachers, once a symbol of humble means, have been replaced by flashy, opulent, and seemingly boundless wealth – all amassed while being a man – and, horror of horrors these days – even a woman.  Multiple jets, palatial homes around the globe, and expense accounts that would make one of Donald Trump’s ex-wives blush are the new normal.

At the conclusion of the service, several members of the Mega-Church-Clergy joined  in an inspirational rendition of “What a Friend we have in Yesus.”