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Jul 18

Obama’s Ronald Reagan Moment.

On September 1, 1983  a Korean commercial airliner, Flight KAL007,  was shot down by a Soviet fighter pilot.  Although the airliner had strayed into Soviet airspace, the military aircraft that tracked the airliner for over an hour, shot it down while the craft was in international airspace.  All 269 people were killed.  One of the …

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Jun 17

How bad is it when you miss Saddam Hussein?

Saddam Hussein-miss-me-yet

To be clear, I don’t mean the other Hussein.

Jun 16

musloids are murderous thugs.

That wasn't me. It was Bush's fault.

Time to move? Just sampling some of today’s headlines, it seems like it’s time to move. While “getting away from it all” is just a fringe benefit, I think it’s time to increase my line of sight. Islamists execute less enthusiastic islamists. Islamists execute Christians. Islamists around the world act like . . . well …

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Apr 23

Obama Protestors face water cannons.

No irony here, folks.  Move along. Police armed with truncheons, shields and a fire hose clashed withactivists who rallied at the U.S. Embassy in Manila on Wednesday to oppose a visit by President Barack Obama and an expected security pact that would increase the American military presence in the Philippines. Some of the protesters carried …

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Mar 03

Beware the Matte Gray Crown Vic

Just because you’re not paranoid, doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you.  

Feb 21

Hitler reacts to Obamacare news.

Apparently no one likes being lied to.  

Feb 17

North Korea’s Kim Jong-un forced mothers to drown newborn babies

A leader after Planned Parenthood’s own heart. The North Korean regime is committing systematic and widespread human rights abuses, including forcing mothers to drown their newborn babies and setting up secret prison camps, a United Nations report released Monday found. “The gravity, scale and nature of these violations reveal a State that does not have …

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Feb 13

Colorado Health-Exchange Director Indicted for Fraud, Theft

Otherwise, the whole thing got off to such a good start. I guess these things just tend to attract the cream of the crap. National Review Online reports that the director of Colorado’s health exchange has been placed on administrative leave after the state discovered she had been indicted for stealing from a non-profit.  Citing …

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Feb 13

Judge reduces abortion clinic fine to $77.

Because he cares about women. A Chicago judge has issued a controversial decision to reduce a fine handed down by state health department officials to an Illinois abortion clinic for violations of cleanliness and health codes. The judge reduced the massive $36,000 fine to a mere $77. Cook County Circuit Judge Alexander White arbitrarily reduced the …

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Feb 12

TSA seizes (Toy Story) Woody’s Gun.

Woody allegedly told TSA Agent, “You’re my favorite deputy.” Wonder if they read him rights before they pulled his string. Another gun-wielding toy has had its weapon seized by airport security. After a cowboy sock monkey Rooster Monkburn had his tiny harmless weapon seized last year, a Woody doll underwent similar probe at London’s Heathrow Airport. …

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