Equal pay for equal work.

Hillary Clinton is famous for, among other things, allegedly championing “women’s causes” which include the oft repeated mantra of equal pay for equal work.  Yet the Hillary, the presidential aspirant, paid the women on her senatorial staff an average of only 72% of what her male staffers earned.

Now, of course, this begs the question about which staffers were doing what kind of work.  Clearly, it’s a tacit admission that the men on her staff were doing superior work than the women.  And the cast of The View wasted no time in circling the wagons around their beloved Hillary, even though Whoopi Goldberg’s pay (funny, she doesn’t look Jewish to me) is equal to that of the women on the panel.   But I digress.

The mainstream media seems to be in a perpetual choking fit over it’s own hypocrisy over their quest for equality.  Enter the discussion of the pending execution of Kelly Gissendaner in the state of Georgia, a lass who CNN can’t help but refer to as “a lady.”  Fortunately, a picture is worth a thousand words.  And the last meal request is pretty helpful too.

This story seemingly has it all, including a reference to the last woman executed in Georgia was an African-American (although there is no evidence she ever visited Africa or even knew any one from the Dark Continent).  Gissendaner, through her boyfriend/accomplice, was convicted for murdering her husband.  The boyfriend/accomplice rolled over faster than a Kardashian on a first date and was the star witness in the prosecution.  For his betrayal, he drew a twenty-five year sentence.

While there is plenty to talk about here – the legitimacy of capital punishment, the disparity in her sentence compared to her accomplice/paramour/betrayer –  the mainstream media needs to decide if it wants equality or not.  Or are some people more equal than others?