Pope Francis wants to stir things up; but not in Cuba

Apparently, that whole “Pope Francis wants to stir things up” applies only to efforts within the Church to destroy the Church.

And while he’s totally down with meeting with the stars of the freak show that the Freaker-in-Chief Obama has arranged for him, when it comes to the dissidents in Cuba, eh, not so much.

So when the Pontiff pays a little visit to that bastion of non-judgmental rule, Cuba, he’ll be able to hob and knob with all the tolerant people who have ruled that former paradise for decades.

Because when it comes to shepherding the Church that Christ founded, you want to stir up the sheep, but when you’re dealing with oppressive communist dictators, you have to advocate “for change within bounds laid out by the communist state rather than pushing the system to change as John Paul II did in Eastern Europe.

The Berlin Wall’s been gone how long?

We all know, that the way Pope John Paul II handled it really extended the hold of tyranny in Eastern Europe.  Oh.  Wait.

Maybe Pope Francis has other wishes.  Maybe he misses the Berlin Wall.