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Feb 07

Planned Parenthood and the Abortion Quotas

Not just liars, lying bastards.

Oct 31

Picture, picture. What’s in the picture?

You don’t have to be a child to identify the “object” in the picture.  But sometimes, it might help.   Judging from the young girl’s reaction . . . and the born siblings in the car, it appears that this family gets the picture. Sweet.

Oct 12

Your Tax Dollars at Work: Cecile Richards gets $1M

  LifeNews reports: According to Planned Parenthood’s IRS Form 990, president Cecile Richards pocketed a whopping $957,952 in annual take-home pay in fiscal year 2014.  That figure represents a dramatic leap from FY 2013, even compared to the significant raises the abortion boss receives with each passing year. The previous year, Richards received a $67,000 …

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Oct 27

Planned Parenthood: intact babies is the goal.

So tell me, what’s the hold up on the Crimes Against Humanity trials? After the pro-aborts get their fair trial and the noose begins to tighten, they can rest assured that delivering “intact bodies” is the hangman’s goal.  But heads popping off is an occasional occurrence and it’s not like we’re fanatics about it.

Oct 16

Shelley Sella – the Face of Evil

Meet Shelley Sella – Late term abortionist Just in case you’re due to deliver your full term baby next week and you want to murder your child, Shelley Sella is your man.  Not only is she a contract killer for Planned Parenthood but she does full term abortions in the state of New Mexico where …

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Oct 08

Wait. You mean it’s a baby in there. Who knew?

Ever notice that every time a Christian suggests that he believes in Creation, he gets lambasted, ridiculed, and otherwise treated not very nice.  Ditto for even questioning Global Warming.  “Follow the science,” we are chided. Yet we possess evidence that on the evidence spectrum is right up there with thermonuclear devices.  A picture is worth …

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Oct 06

ISIS forcing abortions on Yazidi women.

Cecile Richards actually cracked a smile . . .  . . . and Planned Parenthood calls it medical services. Kind of reminds me of the complaints by the children of Israel about getting manna.  “We want meat!” they cried.  God said, “You want meat; I’ll give you meat.  Until it comes out your nose, I’ll …

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Oct 01

Planned Parenthood, funding, and missing the point.

Undercover videos, Congressional hearings, Planned Parenthood talking heads (most of whom seem to be employed by CNN).  No wonder so many have been so distracted and so disturbed at the same time. The Center for Medical Progress has done a masterful job.  They did their homework and executed, as far as I can tell, near …

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Sep 29

GOP funds Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood wraps themselves in pink To try and hide their deeds, boy, they do stink And Cecile dares every Congressional Republican And show us all who is the better man And the gutless GOP wonders blink. Tweet

Sep 21

US Military Protecting Muslim Child Rapists

You know it’s bad when the New York Times finally gets around to reporting news of such horror. This is so bad at so many levels, it is impossible to deal with it all in one post.  But there are lessons here we must understand.  Conversely, we could continue to put our collective heads in …

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