Sep 10

Gotta love Debbie Wasserman “Sgt.” Schultz

I admit it.  I’m grasping at straws.  But you just gotta love Debbie Wasserman “Sgt.” Schultz.  Granted, her looks have faded dramatically since she was on Hogan’s Heroes, but her presence as the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee has finally given me some visceral joy at being (most of the time) a Republican.

Without her, I would be left to ponder “our side”, the likes of John “The Weeping Willow” Boehner and Mitch “The Switch” McConnell.  If either of these buffoons possessed a spine (or related metaphorical body parts) they would be have to change their respective Facebook status from “Coward” to “Traitor.”

So while the Pubbies range from bombastic to boring, the Dems are running around shooting themselves.  If only they didn’t believe so strongly in gun control and possessed real guns.

Debbie Wasserman Shultz has been so busy running cover for Hillary to safeguard her ascent to the throne and Planned Parenthood murderous criminal enterprise.  To Schultzie’s credit either one of these is a full time job.  She’s been handling this double-duty like a real man.

I think the precipitous decline of the West requires a parachute rather than a sled.  Even if any of the candidates possessed the requisite character, I doubt the descent could be stopped.

But for now . . . well, Nero had his circuses.  We’ve got Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Gotta love Schultzie.



Sep 09

The “F Word” spoken here.

I can’t make this stuff up.

The Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) wants to ban the “F-Word” from television. Not that F Word.  The FAT F-word. I assume that by extension, that includes El Gordo, blubber butt, and The Spherical One. At least that’s the message coming from the latest OAC Synod recently convened at the Golden Corral.

I don’t know about you, but when I think “obesity”, I think “action.”  In fact, I’m pretty sure they’re synonyms.

“You mean I can join the Obesity Action Coalition. Great. On the other hand, I’ll just sit here on the couch and have another jelly doughnut.  Would you hand that box to me please?  This one is empty.”

But the OAC informs us that treating obesity as a joke is verboten: “This disease is no laughing matter.” Oh. Yes. It. Is. Fat jokes are funny. They fall right after fart jokes on the laugh Richter Scale.

And disease. Really!

“Gee, Doc, how should I treat this disease?”
“Don’t have two hamburgers and call me in the morning.”

I realize our culture is approaching ground zero for complete and total disintegration:  we call two dudes abusing each other a “marriage” and the number one national nutritional problem is obesi . . . oh, the heck with euphemisms . . . FAT.  Huge, cascading, sweating layers of quivering fat.

Faster than you can say “thirds please” the OAC tells us that obesity has been “linked”  (as in sausage links) to a host of serious conditions.  Linked?  Like cigarettes are “linked” to lung cancer.  What I think they’re trying to say is, if you’re carrying around two or three hundred extra pounds, you will probably die from one of a variety of health issues.  But relax.  Starvation won’t be one of them.

In addition to these medical conditions that are caused by being FAT, obesity “carries the burden [like a large to-go box] of being the last acceptable form of discrimination in today’s society.”  So the burden of obesity has its own separate burden?

But there’s more: this discrimination can lead to “unhealthy weight control practices . . . .”  I guess they mean only one vat of ice cream.  Don’t FAT people already have “unhealthy weight control practices?”

This self-imposed, self-inflicted victim status chafes me faster than a pair of corpulent thighs.

Besides, heterosexuals are REALLY the last acceptable object of discrimination.  We’re the only ones left that are expected to control their passions.


Mar 17

New Weapon in the war against Islam

Nothing says “Welcome to the afterlife”

like bullets covered in bacon grease.

Next thing you know, those 72 virgins are going to be nuns toting uzis.  Oh, wait.

Mar 16

Craigslist ad

Saw this ad on CL this afternoon:

Prayer Mats (Anywhere)

Investment Opportunity

Thought you might want to consider getting on board early….
A British Engineer just started his own business in Afghanistan.
He’s making land mines that look like prayer mats.
It’s doing well..
Prophets are going through the roof.

Mar 10

Keeping the Government out of the Bedroom.

Temporary injunction bars man from lighting up inside his Washington home after neighbors sue.

A temporary order by a Superior Court judge is keeping a man from smoking inside his home in the District of Columbia.

WJLA-TV ( ) reports that Edwin Gray’s next door neighbors in northeast Washington have filed a civil suit claiming they’re being harmed by smoke that sneaks into their home through a hole in the basement. They are seeking an injunction and $500,000 in damages.

A judge issued a temporary injunction last week saying neither Gray nor any family or guests may smoke in the home the family has owned for 50 years. Gray’s sister, Mozella Johnson, says they will fight.

Maybe a member of the Gray family should object because they were having an abortion performed.


Mar 02

Transvalue. It’s all in the name.

Take value from one person; give it to another.  Should have seen this coming.

The Associated Press is reporting that authorities in eastern North Carolina say armed robbers stole $4 million in gold from a truck traveling on Interstate 95 from Florida to Massachusetts.

The Wilson County Sheriff’s Office said Monday the two security guards working for Transvalue Inc. of Miami reported pulling to the side of the interstate on Sunday evening after their vehicle began having mechanical problems.

They were then approached by three armed men driving a white van who ordered the guards to lie on the ground, tied their hands behind their backs and then marched them into nearby woods. Authorities say the male suspects then unloaded barrels filled with gold and made their getaway.

Barrels of gold.  I think I had that dream once.

Kind of makes you wonder what the origin and the intended destination of this little shipment were.  And I’m pretty sure that it was either a lucky guess by the banditos or, just perhaps, something else.

It has been reported that Transvalue is offering a $50,000 reward is the gold is returned to them.  To show how civic minded I am, I will offer $100,000 if it is given to me.  Just sayin’.


Mar 02

IRS gives “refunds” to illegals.

Nuts.  Just nuts.

The Internal Revenue Service is the perennial winner of “I don’t think that word means what you think it means” award.

The Service, as it is often called, has earned this name if you contemplate it in the agricultural sense.  Such as, when a bull services a cow.

The darlings at The Service are always quick to remind us that our tax return obligations are part of their “Voluntary Compliance” program.  And if you don’t voluntarily comply, they will seize your home, empty your bank accounts, and otherwise encourage you to voluntarily comply in the future.  Quite persuasive.

In the latest entry into to the IRS Lexicon is the word “refund.”  Ordinarily, this word conjures up a picture of getting back what you had paid earlier.  Like when you take an item back to the store, you get a refund.  Likewise, if you prepaid more in taxes than you actually owed, you would get some of your money back – a refund.

But that antiquated meaning is out the window now as The Service is providing refunds to illegal immigrants who never paid taxes or even filed a return in the first place:

The IRS is defending its decision to let illegal immigrants claim up to three years’ refunds on income even if they never paid income taxes, telling Congress in a new letter last week that agency lawyers have concluded getting a Social Security number triggers the ability to go back and ask for previous refunds.

President Obama’s new deportation amnesty could grant Social Security numbers to as many as 4 million illegal immigrants, making many of them eligible for tax refunds under the Earned Income Tax Credit even for years when they cheated on their taxes, working off the books and refusing to file tax returns.

“Section 32 of the Internal Revenue Code requires an SSN on the return, but a taxpayer claiming the EITC is not required to have an SSN before the close of the year for which the EITC is claimed,” IRS Commissioner John Koskinen wrote in his letter to Sen. Charles E. Grassley on Wednesday.

The IRS’s chief lawyer had reached that conclusion in 2000, and the agency has newly confirmed it, Mr. Koskinen said.

Mr. Grassley said that made a mockery of the law, and said he’ll try to write a bill specifically prohibiting it.

“The tax code shouldn’t reward those who broke our immigration laws,” the Iowa Republican and chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee said in a statement.

Read the rest of the Washington Times article here.

Mar 02

Feds raid a state political meeting.



In a deliberate “show of force,” federal and local police forces raided a political meeting in

Texas, fingerprinting and photographing all attendees as well as confiscating all cell phones and personal recording devices.

Members of the Republic of Texas, a secession movement dedicated to restoring Texas as an independent constitutional republic, had gathered Feb. 14 in a Bryan, Texas, meeting hall along with public onlookers. They were debating issues of currency, international relations and celebrating the birthday of one of their oldest members. The group, which describes itself as “congenial and unimposing,” maintains a small working government, including official currency, congress and courts.
Read more here.

Mar 02

This will leave you speechless.

Feb 28

No jobs = Muslim terrorism. Oh. Wait.

The Obama Administration:  All the News that Fits.

In the face of an unrelenting stream of Muslim-initiated terrorism, the Obama Administration continues to assure us that it/they are all good.  These aren’t even Muslims after all, just unwashed feral offspring of unwashed feral dogs . . . or something like that . . . who have just co-opted the Muslim moniker.   Correct me if I’m wrong here, but isn’t that akin bragging about having leprosy?

Indeed Obama’s own State Department lackey, Marie Harf, assured us that if we really want to get ahead of terrorism, we’ll push for a good jobs programs in these nations.  You see, it’s a lack of meaningful jobs that cause young men to seek out fame and fortune by sawing off civilians’ heads, burning alive those you capture, and just generally raping, pillaging, and plundering the whole barren countryside, especially against Christians.

Said Ms. Harf:

The key to stopping the Islamic State’s bloody march through Iraq and Syria? Jobs.

That’s what US State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf [rhymes with . . .] said Monday night when asked on MSNBC’s talk show “Hardball” what America and its allies are doing to end the militant group’s reign of terror in the region.

And if you’re one of those who don’t quite see it Harf’s way, you’re an idiot who doesn’t understand nuance.

Fair enough.  Let’s assume that she’s correct.  It logically follows then that the more deprived  the individual is, the more depraved will be his actions; the poorer his demographic, the more pronounced his barbarism.

Let’s see, if only would could have an example.  Oh, wait.  Seems we’ve identified one of barbarism’s finest: the murderous “Jihadi John,”  who has wielded the business end of a butcher knife against hapless civilians who posed no threat to him or his way of life.

Mohammed Emwazi, formely known as Jihadi John, is a Kuwati who grew up in London.  He attended St. Magdelan’s Church of England School in his elementary years and college at the University of Westminster where he worked on his degree in Information Systems and Business Management.

Mohammed Emwazi

The 26-year-old who became the masked face of the notorious terror organization was identified as the figure seen in several videos of hostages being beheaded.

Turns out that the young Mohammed not only had a job, but he was a successful salesman whose former boss called him “the best employee we ever had.”

And earlier this week and American citizen who was a prominent blogger known for speaking out against religious extremism was hacked to death by a gang of – you guessed it – Muslims, as he walked through Bangladesh’s capital with his wife, police said Friday.

And nothing clears up accusations of extremism like chopping a guy up on a busy city street.  One can only imagine how hard these impetuous young thugs must have been looking for a job.

It’s almost like our Beloved Dictator (and I use that term in the North Korean sense) and the members of his regime might be – I dunno – lying to us.

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