Pray for Asia Bibi


When Asia Bibi defended herself for drinking out of a cup on a hot summer’s day back in June 2009, little did she know the price she and her family would pay for her courage in defending her Catholic faith – a suffering that continues to this day.

Read the story here.  Then pray.

Pope Francis confirms worst fears.

We all remember when Archbishop Vigano issued a statement calling our Pope Francis for his complicity in, among other things, the Cardinal McCarrick scandal.  When Pope Francis was cornered by the media for a response to the Vigano charges, he memorably responded, “I will not say a word about this.”  It was the Argentinian version of My Imitation of Christ.

Enter Cardinal Marc Ouellett, prefect of the Congregation for bishops, in an open letter to Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, has released a detailed and devastating response to former nuncio’s accusations against Pope Francis regarding the case of Archbishop Theodore McCarrick, charging him with “blasphemy” for calling into question the faith of the pope and calling on him to repent.  Ouellett said that he is writing with the “necessary permission” of Pope Francis.

As an aside to Cardinal Ouellett, I believe blasphemy is reserved for speaking improperly of God, not another person.  But I’ll let someone else write that post.

Cardinal Ouellett’s letter was released by the Vatican in the original French, accompanied by an Italian translation, around 10:30 on Sunday morning (Rome time), Oct. 7.  In addition, Ouellett’s letter was published by America magazine, which is controlled by the Jesuits.  Getting your perspective on Pope Francis from America is a little like forming your opinion of Vladimir Putin by reading Pravda.

In any event, I wasn’t so much thinking of the source of the article but yet another example of the duplicity of the Argentinian.  It was he who said in response to  Vigano’s disclosures “I will not say a word.”  Now, Ouellet with “permissions” goes on the attack.  If anything, the Jesuit mouthpiece America only underscores that point.

This has been a pope who loves to promote a lack of clarity, who thrives on creating confusion, who relishes the double meaning of phrases.   The only thing he won’t do is to clarify.

Now, all of the sudden like, (and contrary to his own word), he uses others to do what he promised not to do.

Alas, my worst fears have been confirmed.  Pope Francis is a Democrat.


Tone Deaf, Dumb, and Blind

WASHINGTON, DC, September 28, 2018, (LifeSiteNews) – Disgraced former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, who was credibly accused of sexually abusing a teenager, has been moved from Washington, D.C. the former seat of his cardinalate, to a friary in Kansas, right next door to elementary and high schools.
In a statement issued this morning, the Archdiocese of Washington gave details of the move:
In late July 2018, our Holy Father Pope Francis requested that Archbishop Theodore McCarrick withdraw from all public ministry and events. To that end, Archbishop McCarrick now resides at St. Fidelis Friary in Victoria, Kansas in the Diocese of Salina, with the permission of the Provincial Superior of the Franciscan Capuchin Community responsible for the Friary, Fr. Christopher Popravak, O.F.M.Cap., and the Bishop of Salina, Most Reverend Gerald Vincke.
Does anyone know if there is any truth to the rumor that Cardinal Weurl bought McCarrick binoculars as a going away present?


#MeToo. Tragic. Simply Tragic.

Catholic Priest in Chicago burns ‘gay’ flag

Well, at least someone understands what the problem is.

Paul Kalchik, a priest at the Resurrection Catholic Church in Chicago, says he has twice been sexually assaulted in his life.

A neighbor first sexually assaulted him as a child, Kalchik said, and it happened again with a Catholic priest when he was just 19, according to The Chicago Sun-Times. For Kalchik, the answer seems clear: Sexual abuse in the Catholic church is “definitely a gay thing.”

Now, the Catholic priest is facing controversy after he burned a rainbow flag at his church on September 14 in what he described as a “prayer of exorcism,” according to NBC News. Kalchik originally planned to burn the flag on September 29, the outlet reported, but the Archdiocese of Chicago told him he couldn’t when it heard about the idea.

Despite being warned against it, Kalchik cut the flag into seven pieces on Friday and then burned it “in the same fire pit that we used for the Easter vigil mass,” NBC News wrote.

Read more here.

Maybe Father Kalchik can write Atlanta Archbishop Gregory.

Our Emperor has no clothes

Not long ago, I called out our Archbishop Wilton Daniel Gregory.  The supposed shepherd of the flock has coddled and enabled active homosexual priests in his Archdiocese, engaged in obfuscation of his deeds, and appointed another pro-homo priest to oversee the counseling of the victims of sexual abuse of priests.

While my words to (and about) him were blunt and direct, I initially was trying to give him the benefit of tthe doubt.  I sent the Archbishop a private letter, encouraging him to take some remedial steps to right some wrongs in his jurisdiction.  Then I found out about the Sodomite priest he continues to promote.

Now this.  There is no doubt.  Gregory fails to acknowledge that the sex abuse scandal from McCarrick, Wuerl, and now, Archbishop Gregory is a homosexual problem.  Rather than taking steps to alleviate the problem, he has doubled down.

Gregory has received scores of letters.  Many have been shared with me.  And I can tell you unequivocally, that mine was among the calmer voices.  And, what  was the Archbishop’s response to the demands of his flock?  He invites pro-homo Jesuit (which is getting  to be redundant) to come address the faithful:

Thank you, Archbishop Gregory.  You may have been a wolf in sheep’s clothing before; but, you’re not wearing clothes anymore!



Must. Hear. This.

Father Robert Altier from St. Raphael Church in Crystal, MN nails it.  In 20 minutes he gives the history, the current situation, and what’s coming.  Listen here.

Sure, you think it’s bad.  But it’s worse than you think.



The plot thickens . . .

Archbishop Gregory isn’t the only one who has some serious ‘splaining to do.

Pope Francis covered up McCarrick abuse, former US nuncio testifies (OFFICIAL TEXT)

Lifesite news reports:

In an extraordinary 11-page written statement (see official English text below), Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, 77, claims that Pope Francis knew about strict canonical sanctions imposed on McCarrick by Pope Benedict XVI but chose to repeal them.


Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò at the Rome Life Forum on May 18, 2018. Steve Jalsevac / LifeSiteNews

In his testimony, dated August 22, Archbishop Viganò, who served as apostolic nuncio in Washington D.C. from 2011-2016, states that in the late 2000s, Benedict had “imposed on Cardinal McCarrick sanctions similar to those now imposed on him by Pope Francis,” and that Viganò personally spoke with Francis about the gravity of McCarrick’s abuse soon after his election in 2013.

But he says that Francis “continued to cover him” and not only did he “not take into account the sanctions that Pope Benedict had imposed on him” but also made McCarrick “his trusted counselor” who helped him to appoint a number of bishops in the United States, including Cardinals Blase Cupich of Chicago and Joseph Tobin of Newark.

Archbishop Viganò also implicates Cardinals Sodano, Bertone and Parolin in the cover-up and insists various other cardinals and bishops were well aware, including Cardinal Donald Wuerl, McCarrick’s successor as Archbishop of Washington D.C.

“I myself brought up the subject with Cardinal Wuerl on several occasions, and I certainly didn’t need to go into detail because it was immediately clear to me that he was fully aware of it,” he writes. The Cardinal’s “recent statements that he knew nothing about it … are absolutely laughable. He lies shamelessly.”

Read the rest of the story on Lifesite News here.

God save us all.

Archbishop Wilton Daniel Gregory of Atlanta: A wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Cardinal McCarrick spent decades misusing children, seminarians, and young priests.  It’s worse than awful.  Abusing children is not just a horrible sin; it’s also a crime.  McCarrick may escape judgment in this life; unless he repents, he will not be so “lucky” in the next.  His disgusting life and lifestyle were unknown to a few, but enabled by many who abused their own positions of trust by their silence, allowing McCarrick to abuse his.  It really gives us a glimpse how dark, how perverse Sodomites tend to be.

My own Archbishop in Atlanta, Wilton Daniel Gregory was once upon a time (2000-2004) the President of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.  Archbishop Gregory was also put in charge of investigating sexual abuse by the clergy.  Earlier this month, he wrote a letter expressing his surprise at the McCarrick revelations.

It was the kind of stuff you’d expect of a career politician: platitudes, invocation of his own victim status (being hurt/disheartened/sad; basic girl stuff).  He also attempted to distance himself from McCarrick (“I never knew or suspected the hidden side of [the] man”) .  He was shocked.  Shocked I tell you! All those years hobbing and knobbing.  Not a clue.  Shocking indeed!

Overcoming my indifference, I wrote a Letter to Archbishop Gregory.  Frankly, I thought it would be an exercise in futility, which may turn out to be the case.

Mostly I was bothered by how much he talked about himself and his own feelings, that he never used the word “sin” or “homosexual.” Not even once.  He seemed oblivious to the fact that this scandal is really a Sodomite problem.  I thought oblivious.  It might actually be indifferent.

I was also incensed that he had appointed a pro-homosexual priest to be in charge of “ministering to sex abuse victims.”   Monsignor Henry Gracz was named as pastor of The Catholic Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Atlanta by Archbishop Gregory.  In purely theological terms this is called having the fox guard the hen house.

After my letter was mailed I discovered more darkness in the Archdiocese of Atlanta.

In 2010, two priests in Atlanta got ratted out by one of the guys they were sharing fecal matter with, one Dale Chappell.  They met in a Sodomite bar; didn’t tell Chappelle they were priests; and, were doing their nasty deeds in the church rectory among other places.  One of the priests, took the room-temperature challenge and lost, presumably from a disease common to Sodomites.

Juan Areiza

The other priest, Juan Fernando Areiza, was a priest at St. Andrews Catholic Church in Roswell, Georgia.  Archbishop Gregory removed Areiza from his post and sent him to counseling.  When asked if Areiza was going to be restored to his priestly duties, Archbishop Gregory’s office responded that it was a possibility, but unlikely.

Perfect. I’d say breaking your vows, committing sacrilege, engaging in gravely disordered sexual activities, desecrating the rectory, frequenting gay bars, and scandalizing the people who you swore to help is definitely worth of the “possible, but unlikely” punishment. Oh, the humanity.

Even before Chappell had his public hissy-fit (because he was fine with sodomy and all, but sodomy with priests is icky and that went against his “religious and moral values”), Archbishop Gregory knew that Areiza had the revolving door thing going on in his basement apartment at the rectory, entertaining a perpetual stream of young men.  Gregory knew  and did nothing.

Gregory met with the Areiza’s accuser privately and promised “swift and certain” action against the priests (which is remarkably similar to the language Archbishop Gregory promised in his August 9, 2018 letter to the flock he purports to shepherd).  “Swift and certain” is apparently archdiocesan code for “I’m telling my lawyers.”  Gregory then sicked his super-lawyers on the twice-used Mr. Chappell.  Nothing pisses off a sodomite faster than telling on him.

Archbishop Gregory’s public statement gives the impression that it’s all good, because everyone was an adult and gave their consent.  Nothing to see here, move along citizens.  And, never missing an opportunity to call sin a sin,  Archbishop Gregory said – and I quote –  “[crickets]”.

Gregory did say that the “Church is saddened and disappointed to learn of these inappropriate actions.”  Hey, wait a minute!  Those were the same words he used to describe the McCarrick scandal.  I don’t know about you, but I’m getting Archbishop Gregory a thesaurus for Christmas.

But getting back to Areiza (you remember, the “possible, but unlikely” priest).  On June 6, 2013,  Archbishop Gregory announced that Areiza was given his very own parish, St. Francis of Assisi in Blairsville, Georgia.   You know, it could be that Gregory just has a zany sense of humor (“Hey, Monsignor, I think I’ll send a sissy to Assisi.”  I know, it’s not funny if you have to explain it).  Or, it could be something else.  Probably something else.

Then, in June of 2018, Gregory announced that Areiza is now assigned as pastor of Saint Pius X Church in Conyers, Georgia.  Maybe the new motto for the Archdiocese should be, The Possibilities are Endless.  Father Areiza really likes that one: he gets all giggly every time he hears it.

In stark contrast to Archbishop Gregory, stands Robert Morlino, Bishop of Madison, Wisconsin.  Bishop Morlino also wrote a pastoral letter in response to the McCarrick scandal.  Unlike Gregory, Bishop Morlino did not shrink and did not shirk:

There must be no room left, no refuge for sin — either within our own lives, or within the lives of our communities. To be a refuge for sinners (which we should be), the Church must be a place where sinners can turn to be reconciled. In this I speak of all sin. But to be clear, in the specific situations at hand, we are talking about deviant sexual — almost exclusively homosexual — acts by clerics. We’re also talking about homosexual propositions and abuses against seminarians and young priests by powerful priests, bishops, and cardinals. We are talking about acts and actions which are not only in violation of the sacred promises made by some, in short, sacrilege, but also are in violation of the natural moral law for all. To call it anything else would be deceitful and would only ignore the problem further.

Gregory’s August 9th letter speaks volumes by what he doesn’t say.  He mentions Jesus twice in the opening paragraph and “the People of God” twice, as well . . . but never God Himself.  He doesn’t reference sin; doesn’t mention the homosexual behavior that goes to the demonic heart of this scandal. Zero. Nada. Zilch.  He cannot fix what he refuses to acknowledge.  I’m beginning to get the idea that he might not want to.

Consider Archbishop Gregory’s career – I believe the word choice in Holy Scripture is hireling.  For part of the time that McCarrick was misusing young boys and men;  Gregory was President of the USCCB; McCarrick and others were referring to each other (and themselves) using women’s names; Gregory didn’t have a clue.  His August 9th letter generically calls out bishops who were “mishandling allegations of abuse”; yet he doesn’t name names.  Doesn’t he want the sheep to know who the wolves are?  As President of the USCCB, he spoke “in [his] own name and the name of the Church”; yet he immunized himself and the other bishops from pastoral duty by declaring it to be a “parish problem.”  He offered “assurances” and nothing changed. Now he offers more platitudes and another plan to form – God help us – a commission! By his own admission, his first plan failed.  His current proposal is nothing more than a bid for an instant replay.  So, you tell me: are these the actions of a Shepherd . . . or a hireling?

Come to find out that hireling might be just a wee bit too generous.  You know, the good thing about wolves in sheep’s clothing:  They always leave wolf prints.

Vatican starts a free laundromat.

I guess this is nice.  Hope it stays that way.

CNN reports (so it might be really fake news):

Pope Francis has opened a free laundromat for the poor in Rome, the Vatican said Monday.   Six washing machines, six dryers and a number of irons have been donated by the Whirlpool Corporation, while Proctor and Gamble are furnishing laundry detergent and softener. The Vatican said the Pope’s laundromat is a service to “restore dignity to many people who are our brothers and sisters.”

The Republicans are opening a free laundromat in Washington DC. They fold for free.